Sunday, July 26, 2020

Stay @ Home Update #16

Each Sunday (at 5:00 AM) I'm sharing how the week's 10-minute stay@home organizational challenge went. If you don't have an idea what that means and you're curious, you can learn more in my original Stay @ Home Update blog post
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Now here's the disclaimer: Some of these daily stay@home challenges are taking more than 10 minutes, but who's counting, right? 

Here's what I've accomplished this week...

Day 1 - SUN, July 19
The bottom shelf of one of the shelf units in my Play Room was full (and overflowing) with photo albums, projects from my children's elementary school days (as well as some of their yearbooks) and  a few other items. I placed their yearbooks/projects in their boxes of treasures and I organized what was left on the shelf. It's so much neater now. 

Day 2 - MON, July 20
I love this card rack that sits in a corner of my Play Room. I purchased it for $5 years ago - at a thrift store. It holds the cards I've made until I'm ready to mail them. 

I have a similar rack (it's white) at our Associational Office where my husband and I work. I found that rack at a different thrift store a little over a year ago, but had to pay $10 for it, which was still a bargain. I keep cards on it that are free for anyone who comes into the office. I encourage them to take as many as they want. 

The office rack was getting kind of depleted so it was time to replenish it. I went through the cards on the rack in my Play Room today and chose about 130 cards to take to the office. I've now stamped my signature on the back and gathered envelopes to them. I hope they bring joy to someone soon.

Day 3 - TUES, July 21
This assortment of designer papers sits on the shelf beside my 12 x 12" paper pads. I'm not really sure why. I guess I just never really thought about the fact that it was there and should be somewhere else instead. I sorted through the papers today, putting some in my donation box and putting the others away in the my organized drawers of designer paper.

Day 4 - WED, July 22
I currently serve on two design teams - The Project Bin and SumMore Fun. They are FABULOUS companies and I am honored to be on the teams. I like to keep the stamps from these two companies close to my stamping desk rather than on the other side of the room with my other cling/clear stamp storage. 

Today I reorganized my SumMore Fun (Raisin Boat and Victorine Originals) stamps. I didn't think to take a before picture, I'm sorry. They were in a bin in plastic sleeves but not organized in any way. They now have been separated into categories and have labeled dividers.

I also turned the plastic sleeves on their sides (before they were upright, like my other stamp storage). The reason I did that is because I moved them to the second shelf of my Raskog cart. Truthfully my collection had outgrown one bin so I needed to move them to two bins so I couldn't keep them on the shelf where they were. To accommodate the height/clearance of the Raskog cart, they had to be turned to their side. That's okay, it works for me.

Day 5 - THUR, July 23
I have three drawers of goodies labeled Kit Items. I used to be a member of a couple of Card Kit groups and this where I placed various embellishments and things that I would be suitable to add to the card kits. Now that I'm no longer in the groups, I really don't need three drawers of possible kit items.

It's time to take control.
Today I purged this drawer of items, keeping only a few things that will come in handy as giveaways. I'll purge the second drawer tomorrow and the third and final drawer on Saturday. When all is finished, I hope to have one drawer of goodies and two empty drawers for other uses. 

Day 6 - FRI, July 24
I purged the second of those three drawers of "Kit Items" today. I plan to finish with the third drawer tomorrow and it does look like all of the items I will be keeping will fit in a single drawer.

Day 7 - SAT, July 25
Today I finished sorting, purging, and storing the remaining items in my "Kit Items" drawers. This picture is of the third and final drawer of the three.

As I'd hoped when I started with the three drawers, I was able to contain everything I was keeping within just one of the three drawers, albeit, it is the longer drawer (my drawer units have two different lengths of drawers). 

Okay, that's it for this week. Stay tuned to see what I accomplish in the coming week.

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Lynn McAuley said...

I have that spinning card rack, too, and just discovered that it will hold my overflow of KSS sets stored in SU boxes perfectly. It will hold 96 comfortably!