My Play Room

When we moved into our current home in November of 2015, I was "tickled pink" to have a wonderful room to call my own. Not only that, it is the largest room in the house.

I have two large desks in the center of the room and most of the wall space is filled with shelving units and drawer units. The accent color I used is bright pink. 

I. love. my. room.

I named it my Working Studio, in an attempt to capture the room's purpose. It's my cre8tive space (hence the word Studio) but it's also where I "work" preparing conferences, working on writing assignments, etc. (hence the word Working).

The name never really stuck. Our autistic son Brock refers to it as "Mom's Office" while my husband just calls it "Your Room." More times than not, I referred to it as my "Happy Place."

Then, mid-year of 2019, I did some reworking of my blog. I'd always had the name Cre8tive Play, but I actually purchased the domain so I could use At the same time, I wanted to rebrand my room - so I renamed it. It is now simply called my Play Room

I. love. my. Play. Room.

updated 1/12020

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