My "Working Studio"

We moved into a new-to-us home just before Thanksgiving of 2015. I love Love LOVE our new home! It has a fairly open floor plan that makes it seem larger than it is. It is a comfortable home for the three of us.

And there are two BIG advantages to this home..........

  • It has a dishwasher!
  • It has a room that I can call all my own... big enough for my two large desks, my working space (where I prepare conferences and such), my books, and my toys. Oh, and there is a 3/4 bathroom off of my room, so I also have my very own bathroom! (The guys use the other - main - bathroom).
I am a very happy woman!

As time allows, I'll post pictures of my Working Studio... so come back to this page soon. And be prepared to see a lot of hot pink.

"I remember I heard this screaming in the lab."
Scientists were jazzed about finding the first color pigment
from a billion years ago.
In case you were wondering... it's bright pink.
(a Skimm Quote of the Day)

3.11.16 Update

I have finally purchased an IKEA Raskog Cart (a dream of mine for some time) and have my coloring tools organized and handy for use. I love to color!!!

More details about this organizational item can be found HERE.

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