- 2024 Goals -

I normally spend time during the week between Christmas and New Years setting goals for the coming year. However, this year I was sick that entire week - in bed, sick. AND on top of that, I was sleeping about 18-20 hours a day. Yes, I was pretty sick.

So, no goals were set. I hate that because my goals help me to stay on track through the year. I'm more productive with goals in mind.

What to do? I considered setting some year-long goals the next week, but I still wasn't recovered. Energy level was low and daily naps were required - so I decided to do something a bit different this year. Instead of annual goals, I'm going to set monthly goals. The plan is one goal each month.

January - Organize Virtual Event Class Kits
I've purchased/attended several virtual stamping events but haven't finished the cards. It's time to do something about that - past time. The best way to make that happen is to get the kits organized. That's my goal for January.

Task completed 01.16.2024

Oh my! So many events; some sessions completed but many are not.

February - Eliminate 12 X 12 Paper Pads
That might seem like a small task, but I kid you not, I had 103 different 12 X 12 pads of designer paper that I'd accumulated over the past 15+ years. It was just way too overwhelming, not to mention it took up too much space. So I went through each one, pulling the papers I thought I might use some day and then set aside the pads of paper to donate.

This picture is just a small part of the pads that have been set aside for donation. 

FYI, I went from 2 shelves of paper pads to about 5" of designer papers, which I'm storing with other sheets of 12 X 12 designer papers that I have in Totally Tiffany Paper Handlers.

Task completed 02.09.2024 

updated 02.09.2024


Tania said...

Best of luck with it. I am still finalizing my word.

Barb said...

Great Word!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Love this word and I like your idea to organize and use stamps that are unused : )