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2020 Travel the World - Week 29

I started a Travel the World Series last year. (It should be noted that I did a similar thing in 2018, only it was the 50 states.) For 50 weeks in 2019, I visited a different country (virtually) and shared facts about that country. I then selected one tidbit of information about that week's country as inspiration for a card. Fifty weeks; fifty countries... BUT there are 195 countries in the world so that was just a little over 25% of them. Of course I couldn't stop, so this year I'm continuing with fifty more countries, one per week.

This week's country is...


Algeria is a country in North Africa bordered on the north by the Mediterranean Sea. It is land bordered by the Morocco, Mauritania, MaliNigerLibya, Tunisia, and Western Sahara. Algeria shares maritime borders with Italy and Spain.

Algeria is the largest country in Africa and the tenth-largest in the world.

There are 620 miles of coastline in Algeria.

Despite Algeria’s size, not much of the country is inhabited. The Sahara Desert covers 90% of the land and with some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded, it is not suitable for occupation. As a result of this, only 12% of the country has human communities. Most of the country's population is on the coast and the northern regions with its Mediterranean type climate.

Algeria recorded its record high temperature in August of 2011. The thermometer topped off at 123.8°F (51°C). 

There are 157 airports in Algeria.

The national animal of Algeria is the Fennec Fox (is the smallest of all the world’s foxes) and their national football team (soccer) is named after the animal: “Les Fennecs”. Football (soccer) is Algeria’s national sport. The fennec is a small desert fox with disproportionately large ears.

Algeria is debt-free, being one of the few countries in the world that can say it owes no other country.

Algeria is the sixth-largest exporter of natural gas and has the 10 largest natural gas reserve in the world. Algeria's significant revenue from its fossil fuels export classifies the country as an upper-middle-income country.

Petrol is less expensive than water in Algeria.

All shopkeepers and officials have a noon break each day. 

Mount Tahat is Algeria’s highest mountain and is 1.9 miles high. 

Due to the hilly nature of the country, cable cars are a popular mode of transport. So much so that there is a government department that covers the planning and maintenance of them.

One of the biggest sand dunes in the world is located in Algeria.

In Algeria, the snack of choice is the date fruit. In fact, Algerian dates are some of the best dates on earth or so they say. Large palm groves are a common feature of desert oasis towns. Not only are these fruits sweet and tasty, but they are also quite nutritional. Packed with a lot of nutrients, including vitamins and dietary fiber, they make for a healthy ingredient in a number of dishes. Visitors are traditionally greeted by being offered dates and milk.

Etzai, the mint tea popular all over North Africa, is the favorite gift. Drinking tea throughout the day is a social norm in Algeria and North Africa. It is so much a part of their culture that there are tea rooms or tea bars where persons go to consume tea. As a result of this, teas especially mint teas make the perfect gift and are the most popular gift in Algeria. Along with dates, teas are offered to guests in an Algerian home. It is considered disrespectful to decline tea when offered.

The national dish of Algeria is Couscous.

Traditionally, people in Algeria leave some food on their plate at the end of the meal. 

Hospitality is important among the Algerian people. Everyone is cordial to strangers and friends alike. In a small gathering, it is polite to greet each person individually, beginning with the elders. Handshakes are common but using your fingers to point at objects or people is considered rude. Never use the left hand separately: when handing someone something, do it with the right hand or both hands.

Close friends and relatives visit each other frequently and don’t have to have an invitation or let each other know first. Others are expected to make advance plans. When visiting someone socially, it is customary to bring the host a small gift.

Algeria has a great variety of beaches, some quite distinct.

There are ten national parks in Algeria.

Unlike in other Islamic countries, women play important roles in Algerian society overall. They are 60% of Algeria’s judges, 60% of the student population and 70% of the country’s lawyers. Finally, women overall make a bigger contribution to the household incomes than men.

Gender roles are clearly defined in Algeria. Fathers handle family finances while mothers take care of the children and the home. Men often meet at coffeehouses to play games like chess, checkers, and dominoes. The women tend to socialize in each others’ homes.

Alcoholic drinks are seldom found in Algeria, largely because of the country’s Islamic orientation. In fact, alcoholic drinks are not sold at all in many of the food establishments – and even if they are available, they are often not listed on the menu.

Marriages in Algeria are traditionally arranged either by parents of the couple or by a professional matchmaker.

I decided to let this Algeria fact be the inspiration for this week's card... Despite its desert landscape for most of its surface, Algeria is a popular destination for bird watchers. It has lots of species of birds, up to 400.

Here is the inside of my card:

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Stamps: Sparkle N Sprinkle Wilson and SU Happy Birthday stamped with Memento Tuxedo Black Ink and colored with Copic Markers

Papers: Accent Opaque 120# White, Recollections Black and SU Hello Honey CS and DP from my scrap file

Dies: MFT Stitched Mod Rectangle and Sizzix Circle

Embellishments: Paper Studio Mini Brads


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