Sunday, April 19, 2020

Stay @ Home Update #2

If you were on my blog last Sunday you might have seen my Stay @ Home Update post. In it I explained that I had started a daily 10-minute organizing challenge and would continue to do it for the remaining duration of our time sheltering at home. I share the day's accomplishment on Instagram daily, but will also share the week's update here on my blog at 5:00 AM each Sunday.

If you missed last week's post and want to see it you can find it HERE.

Now here's the disclaimer: Some of these daily stay@home challenges are taking more than 10 minutes, but who's counting, right? 

So here's this week's update...

Day 1 - SUN, April 12
I have been fairly successful in documenting all of my unmounted and clear stamps in my Evernote Stamp Inventory, complete with tags (so I can find what I want based on theme) and pictures. 

I have not done the same with my wood-mounted stamps for multiple reasons. For one, I'm not sure if I'm going to keep these stamps since I much prefer stamping with a stamp platform. That being said, I decided it is time to inventory them - and purge any I no longer want as I go through these many drawers of wood-mounted stamps. Today I tackled the "Animal" drawer. 

Day 2 - MON, April 13
I have been jumping around from one task to another most days of my stay@home challenge, but I decided to enter another drawer of wood-mounted stamps into my inventory today - the "Caffeine" drawer.

Day 3 - TUES, April 14
I am really excited about today's project. If you'll remember last week I shared a fail - I did not like the way I stored my stencils and said I'd be purchasing a Scrapbook Album to put them in once we were finished sheltering. My friend Barb suggested I order one online rather than waiting, so I did. It actually arrived just after lunch and I've already moved my stencils. 

One of the things I really like about this album is it fits in the drawer that I previously had my loose stencils stored in. I also keep my stencil pastes and adhesive in that drawer, so it's all nice and neat together. A win!

I have yet to label my stencils in the album... who knows, maybe I'll do that later this week. 

Day 4 - WED, April 15
Today's project was to add the labels for each of the 29 stencils in my new Stencil Storage. I am really liking this system. 

Day 5 - THUR, April 16
I am certain (no doubt at all) that my "new" style for organizing my loose ribbons would not be for everyone. I totally understand. That being said, today's task makes me VERY happy. 

You might remember that last week I purged my ribbon stash and removed the ribbon I'm keeping from the little pieces of chipboard that I had them wrapped around and stored in drawers. That system, while it took up less space, just wasn't working for me. What I did love was the three small bins of smaller pieces of ribbon that I had. I just loved running my fingers through the loose pieces while searching for one that would work.

I paused and had an A-ha moment. Why not use bigger stackable storage boxes and sort my ribbons by color/theme and store them that way? That's what I worked on today and I love it!

Now lest you wonder if I've totally lost my mind, I have not. I do still have a large amount of ribbon that is on the original rolls from the manufacturers (SU, AMuse, and others). The pieces of ribbon in these boxes are for the most part not more than a yard long and certainly no longer than 2 yards long. 

Day 6 - FRI, April 17
This picture was one of my very messy drawers of Ranger Distress Inks. Someone told me those little cases from the Dollar Tree were perfect for the cubes of ink... and yes, they do fit perfectly. However, I have arthritic hands and getting the cube out of the case was a bit of a challenge. I also just recently learned that these inks can be stored right side up OR right side down (THANK YOU, Kelly and Barb!) so my new storage is a perfect fit.

Same drawers, but I ditched the plastic cases.

The ones that have a foam disc (I've already used it for blending that particular color) are stored upside down. I can see the color on the foam and the indention of the bottom of the cube holds the foam in place. The ones without a designated foam disc are stored right side up since that is the only way I can see the color.

I actually have 5 drawers for Ranger distress inks - the top one is the tools (discs, applicators, etc), the second one is the cubes. The next three are the bigger ink pads (one drawer of Distress and two drawers of Oxide Distress).

Day 7 - SAT, April 18
I ended my week's stay@home challenges by adding another drawer of my wood-mounted stamps into my Evernote inventory.

Okay, that's it for this week. Stay tuned to see what I accomplish in the coming week.


Donna said...

More progressive. It's amazing what you can accomplish in 10 or 15 minutes a day. Would you share the scrapbook you bought for your stencils? I could use a new system for that. Good luck this week!

kiwimeskreations said...

that is an amazing amount of sorting and cataloging Jeanette - well done!
Stay safe

Lynn McAuley said...

You have inspired me, Jeanette! I have an empty binder, hundreds of clear protector sheets, and 1000 sheets of black card stock. I am organizing my stencils TODAY!!