Friday, March 11, 2016

Peek at My Week

Well here it is... Friday again. ;) It kind of snuck up on me this week. (I've been a day off all week. Sheesh!)

I had out-of-town meetings earlier this week - very productive meetings! Then I've tried to catch up on things here at home in anticipation of being out-of-town again for more meetings.

I did manage to do something rather BIG this week. Take a look...

Now, before you start advising me (trust me, I know about this) let me assure you that the Copic company says it is perfectly okay to store your Copics either horizontally or vertically, so my Copics (top shelf) will be FINE stored on my brand new IKEA Raskog Cart.

I posted my picture - well, a different picture, but the same cart - in the FB "Stamping Enablers" group a couple of days ago and got 226 likes (WOW!)... but also several well-meaning members told me I should only store my markers horizontally.

Truthfully, I love my cart! I've wanted one for a long time and finally broke down and ordered one - it was a cinch to put together!!! I went with the beige and am using bright pink containers in keeping with the accent color of my Working Studio. The pink containers on the top shelf - holding the Copics - are from the Dollar Aisle at Target... I got all of them I could get............ but my son and his girlfriend came to my rescue and found me 6 more, which will complete the top shelf's need. YAY! Thank you Jeremy and Brandi!

The second shelf has my colored pencils, special crayons, gelatos (I really need to try to use them!), and some other coloring items/tools on it.

The bottom shelf has my glittery/glisteny items. My Zig Wink of Stella Markers, which are supposed to be stored upright, my Spectrum Noir Sparkle markers (stored in containers horizontally) and a few other items............. plus my FAVORITE "extra something" right now...

If you haven't tried the Imagine Crafts Irresistible Pico Embellishers yet (there are several colors of them), I highly recommend that you do so. This is the clear one. I love adding it to the "eyes" of images for a shine. Also to water puddles, raindrops, etc. I do have many colors of them.They are FANTASTIC!

Sooooooo... it's been a good week. Organizing, crafting (I only made 6 cards this week, though), meeting, and catching up at home.

SCORE TIME: Would I give this week a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down”?

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

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Katydid Cards said...

Thumbs up, definitely! I'm still searching for a way to store my copics without success. I wish I had the room for a cart like that. Great idea.