Friday, March 25, 2016

Peek at My Week

On Fridays I reflect on my week and post some of the highlights (and sometimes low points, too) here on my blog.

This week has been busy - in good ways.

We had our mid-year meeting of our association of 26 churches on Monday. It was the first one since my husband became the Director of Missions and I thought it went very well. Our state Executive Director was the guest speaker and he motivated us well.

I've also worked on the writing assignment that I had looming - our national women's missions organization commissioned me to write four blog posts that will appear on their blog in July. I am excited to say that I've completed all four articles. YAY!

I've made 23 cards this week. WOW! I don't usually make that many cards in a week.

My Inspire Journaling Bible arrived in the mail on Wednesday - and I've drooled all over it. (Have yet to do anything in it... but drooling is okay for a while, right?)

I've added some things to my stamping inventory on Evernote, still in my quest to get everything uploaded there.

And perhaps one of the most exciting things for me (since I absolutely love to organize) is that I started organizing all of my dies.

It began with an ebay purchase... I bought 500 outdated magnet calendars HERE.

I know... 500???? Sheesh! But I didn't think 70 would be enough and so I went with 500. ;)

That box was sure heavy!!! 
I think he said it weighed 40 pounds.

I began carefully removing the calendar...

Once it was removed (notice the white backing on the magnet), I noted the specifications of the die that was stored on it...

Then I slipped the magnet, the die, and any appropriate packaging in a sleeve and stored them in a small black plastic crate...

I am still undecided on how I'll organize them in the crate. I know I will label the categories to make them easier to find. And of course I'll have a Dies Notebook in Evernote. But I don't know if I want to organize them strictly by company in the crate, or if I want to categorize them... things like "Borders" - "Nestabilities" - "Words" - etc.

Truthfully, I'm leaning toward categories and then in alphabetical order by company within each category, but I am not completely convinced yet. If you'd like, give me your thoughts. It might help me decide.

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kiwimeskreations said...

Oh Jeanette - I need you in my studio... what a wonderful buy to have - do you think you will use all 500???

Shelly Schmidt said...

How cool is this- love your die storage. I have a similar storage with magnetic sheets- I organize y company : )