Friday, March 4, 2016

Peek at My Week

It's Friday again! So let's peek at my week.

This week we ushered in a new month, and I have to say that just the word March sounds so much warmer than February did. Not that it's any warmer, mind you... still much too cold for my liking. But Spring is on the way. YAY!

The early spring flowers in our yard are now about 5" tall and the ones that are somewhat sheltered by the garage have blooms forming. YES! Spring is on the way.

And in card class this week (I got to go! YAY!), we made this cute guy...

He's  having a bad hair day. EEK! I have those from time to time, too. And he's bow-legged, but he's cute, isn't he?

I'm also in the midst of those Vacation Bible School Clinics that I mentioned last week. Last week was the first of 4. Today I'm setting up the room... #2 is tomorrow.

Here are a couple of pictures of the decorations I put together at last weeks clinic...

I've cooked some. Did the laundry. Did a little cleaning. I made 14 cards. I continued to upload stamp sets into my Evernote inventory (but now I've reached my "free" limit so I'll have to wait until the 13th to do any more of that). I slept very little; but enough to function fairly well.  Oh... and I bought Spaghettios! Brock told me we were out (they are one of his main food groups). I didn't believe him. He. was. right. But a quick run to the store fixed  that. We are all happy again now.

SCORE TIME: Would I give this week a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down”?

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

6 comments: said...

Sounds like you've been keeping busy! Your little Leprechan is awesome!

:: BlueInks :: said...

I just love that you are the Evernote Queen! You have had a busy week. 14 cards.....oh my. Your projects turned out fun too!

Lynn McAuley said...

How cute is that paper punched leprechaun? Absolutely adorable, Jeanette!

I always feel like such a slacker when I read all that you accomplish in a week! You rock, girlfriend!

kiwimeskreations said...

What a busy body you are Jeanette - so glad that you were able to run to the store and get Brock his main food group ;-) - that should help keep the home front running peaceably while you are away!

Lisa Lara said...

Oh what an adorable guy Jeanette. I love him. Your clinic decorations are amazing.

Unknown said...

Jeanette, I absolutely LOVE evernote. I spent a good 4 months uploading everything and I'm so glad I was so diligent. It's soo worth it. I ended up doing my all of my stamps, digital stamps, dies, punches, embossing folders, copics and reinkers. I can't tell you how happy I am.

Now your lil lepruchan is something I need. Please give me the irish luck to win the powerball!!