Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Peek at My Week

This has been an extremely busy week! I left bright and early Wednesday morning to go on a vision-casting trip. I got home from that on Thursday evening and then went with my husband and son to the city on Friday to get the oil changed in my Private Jet. The guys also took me to Olive Garden to celebrate my birthday a day early. Yum! Saturday was spent in preparation for teaching today. I have had a GREAT week!


  1. I organized… absolutely nothing.

  1. I cooked… very little. Yesterday my husband grilled ham and pork chops, while I cooked baked beans, hashbrowns, and a salad. That’s about it for the week. LOL! I did cook last Sunday, though I don’t remember what it was.

  1. I bought… pralines in New Orleans. YUM!

  1. I’m enjoying… being home with my guys for a few days before I head off again.

  1. I made… some new friends! While I knew the three ladies I traveled with, being cooped up in a vehicle for hours on end bonded us very well!

  1. I procrastinated… getting online. YIKES! I haven’t been on Splitcoast in a week. I think I’m having withdrawals! Actually, I tried getting on there last night and was unsuccessful logging in. I hope they haven’t kicked me out.

  1. I learned… what it’s like to walk into a prison and hear the doors clang behind you.

It was an incredible experience to go to the prison. We were there to learn from the chaplain and inmates about the Prison to Purpose program that they have. The women in this particular barracks are all in the program and it has turned their lives around. Granted, they are still incarcerated; some of them have life sentences and will be there for as long as they live. But to see the joy on their faces and to worship with them was so amazing.

I will tell you, we walked out of the prison without any difficulty. Then we went in search of a place for lunch. The prison was in the middle of nowhere, so it took a while, but we found a little diner and decided to give it a try. The food was a typical southern Arkansas type of meal – chicken and rice, okra, salad, and cornbread – and it was tasty. We needed a restroom while we were there. It was built for one, so we went one at a time. Two of us got stuck in the bathroom when it was our turn. The door would stick so hard, you couldn’t pull it open and someone had to come to your rescue to let you out. 

While we were eating, a lady came in the restaurant and headed straight for the bathroom. We watched the time and when she didn’t return in a timely fashion, I went to her rescue. Yep! She was stuck inside. I helped her escape.

  1. This weekend I’m… trying to catch up on things here at home after being gone most of the week.

  1. I’m working on… my final conference preparations of the year. Next Saturday is the day! I will be ready! I will be ready!

  1. I’m blessed… that I got to see my daughter while we traveled through her city on our way home from New Orleans. She went to dinner with us – at her favorite restaurant “Salsa’s".

I love you, Brittney!

My 30-Minute Challenge… Okay, this week I’m going to cheat. The only 30-minute challenge I did was this – when we were in the city yesterday, my husband and son sat in the car while I went into Michael’s to look for some Inktense Pencils (and a few other things.) I challenged myself to only spend 30-minutes in there… and I met the challenge. LOL! We don’t live near a craft store – it’s 1 ½ hours to this one and that’s the closest one we have. So I seldom go and when I do go (usually alone), it’s not unusual for me to spend an hour or more in the store. 

By the way, I didn't buy the Inktense Pencils. They had them, but I think I can find a better price online.

My goals for the coming week…

  1. To get the conference plans ready! (no options on this!!!)

  1. To get a haircut.

  1. To write an article for our state newsletter (the deadline is Friday) featuring one of the women in our state. I’ll be writing these “In the Spotlight” articles monthly, featuring a different woman each month.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I’m so glad you did!


kiwimeskreations said...

Sounds as though you had a busy week Jeanette, and have another one coming up too.
Well done on the 30 minute challenge - I know the feeling :-).
BTW, what is okra - we don't have it here and I could not identify it on the plate - was it served with the rice?

:: BlueInks :: said...

I suppose I should start with welcome home, then travel safe, as you are taking off again!

I am glad that you had a great week. It sure would have been interesting to be in the prison. I am glad that you were able to bring your perspective to the women in that group.

Okay, not so much on that sticking bathroom door. Kinda creepy!

So glad that you were able to visit your DD while on the road. Special times!

Darlene said...

Yay for comments now working on your blog!!

What a packed week, full of memorable experiences. Such a blessing to be able to visit your daughter as well. I'm glad for you!

Best of luck with the conference coming up, I know you will put your heart & soul into it.


Barb said...

What a cute picture of your daughter--I think that is the first one of her I have seen. Yay for New Orleans--love that place!

AND--yay for making comments too!