Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Peek at My Week

If you’ve been to my blog the past two Sundays, you recognized today’s post – A Peek at My Week. I admit, I’m kind of enjoying these posts. They give me an opportunity to reflect on the week I’ve just experienced, as I set a few goals for the coming week.

It’s not really about the craft that we love – you’ll not find a picture of a card I’ve made. But it is a reflection of who I am and what is happening in my life.


  1. I organized… my Pinterest boards! YAY! Remember, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had tried to do that and it didn’t work. Well, this time it did, and I am so happy!

  1. I cooked… something I don’t like to eat. LOL! My husband loves fried apples and I can’t stand them. In fact, I won’t even taste them, that’s how much I can’t stand them. So I rarely think to make them. But this week, I did. And my husband was a very happy man.

  1. I bought… owl buttons! As you know, my daughter loves owls, so when I saw these at a LSS that I stopped at on my travels this week, I had to buy them. I have an idea on how to use an owl button on a card. ;)

  1. I’m enjoying… the book “Life Is a Verb” by Patti Digh. I’m reading it to glean ideas for a conference I’m leading in November.

  1. I made… some more progress on getting things straightened up (organized) in my Cubbyhole. I keep working at it. It is getting much better.

  1. I procrastinated… on getting the laundry done. I was going to start it on Monday night; it didn’t happen. Didn’t happen Tuesday or Wednesday either. LOL! Thursday was the day. BTW, not that anyone is counting, but it had been nearly 2 weeks since I’d washed clothes. EEK!

  1. I learned… that I can cope without electricity for several hours. Something hit a transformer near our home earlier this week and we were without power for 5 or 6 hours. I must say, I learned a new appreciation for the flashlight app on my iphone.

  1. This weekend I’m… away from home. I had the opportunity to lead a missions conference. I love leading conferences!!! This one was about 7 hours from my home, so I drove up on Friday and look what I found along the way…


  1. I’m working on… some cards that someone has asked me to make. I haven’t sold cards in the past, so I’m excited someone liked my cards enough to ask me to do this.

  1. I’m blessed… to have the windows open at home. I love the cooler temperatures we’ve been having.

My 30-Minute Challenge… (I have 30 minutes to spend; how will I spend it?)

I sit and work at my desk A LOT! 

Staring at me was this messy sight:

So, I decided it was time to get it cleaned up!

Doesn’t it look better???

My goals for the coming week…

  1. To get two sets of swap cards made and mailed. The due date is looming!

  1. Clean/organize the tower behind my desk that currently holds outdated magazines, papers, etc.

  1. Avoid eating sweets! (I’ve been careless about what I eat lately – and have enjoyed dessert a bit too often.)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I hope you’ll come back tomorrow – I’ll have a card to show you.


kiwimeskreations said...

Love you weekly review posts Jeanette - those buttons look so cute.
Fried Apples???? don't think I would even try them also - unless maybe there were lashings of cinnamon... :-(
Have a great week

Sassy said...

I love this post! What a fun read and isn't Live is a Verb a wonderful book? Safe travels, Jeanette.

Wiola said...

Definitely super cute owls. Speaking of laundry, I don't have a problem getting the clothes to the laundry and wash them. My problem starts when I'm finished washing. By some reasons the next steps are just too unbearable (lol). Hanging up the clothes must happen within a day though (otherwise they start souring, which luckily hasn't happened to me yet). The step thereafter is the chore which I procrastinate the most: when the clothes are dry. I let them hang, sometimes for weeks, or let them lie on a chair. So, the final step: putting back the clothes in the wardrobe, is by some reason, one of my most dreaded chores. I actually even like washing. The same goes with mopping floors (I like that).