Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Peek at My Week

It’s week four of this new feature to my blog. Every Sunday I do a Peek at My Week post that takes me away from paper-crafting a big and let’s me summarize what’s been happening in my life – not instead of cardmaking but INCLUDING cardmaking. If you missed my first Peek at My Week, you can check it out by clicking here. That post tells where I got the idea in addition to the start of my venture into this weekly feature.

Here’s a look at this past week, as well as some goals for the coming week.

  1. I organized… the tower behind my desk. It was one of my goals for the week (# 2) and needed to be done!

  1. I cooked… broccoli bread! Oh my goodness! It is so good. Melina gave me the recipe a few years ago. I try not to make it very often because it is not healthy at all – nope, not one bit. But it’s a wonderful treat once in a while.

  1. I bought… the stuff to make Caramel Pop Snaps. Our women’s group at church is taking them to the shut-ins this week, so I am going to make a batch of them tonight.

  1. I’m enjoying… Pandora. My daughter introduced me to it a while ago and I keep forgetting that it’s on my phone. But this week, while working in my Cubbyhole, I remembered. I had fun creating to the sound of music.

  1. I made… 23 cards.

  1. I procrastinated… bringing my conference crates in from the trunk of my car. They’re still there from the conference I led over a week ago. LOL! The good news is: they are the same two crates I’ll need for the next conference I’m leading. I’m thinking there’s no need to get them out of my trunk now.

  1. I learned… that I’m going to get to write some missions articles for our state organization. I’m so excited!

  1. This weekend I’m… trying to work ahead on some design team projects.

  1. I’m working on… unsubscribing from unwanted email subscriptions. I seem to get so many emails from sites I have no interest in, so I’ve started unsubscribing from them in hopes of lessening the amount of emails I receive each day.

  1. I’m blessed… to have another follower to my blog. At last count I’m up to 196. YAY! I’m really hoping to get 200.

My 30-Minute Challenge… Okay, this is what I teased you with on my blog yesterday. LOL! 

Remember this picture:

What do you think it is?

If you guessed an 8-track case, you are absolutely correct! 

I actually purchased this case at a thrift store for a dollar. I had an idea! I didn’t know if it would work, but for a dollar, it was worth a try.

You see, this is how I’ve been storing my Copic refills:

Not very handy, especially when you consider that this box was in a drawer in an over-stuffed closet. EEK! But the little compartments in that 8-track case looked like they just might be the right size…………….

And I’m excited to say that they were!

When I looked at the photos for this blog post, though, I decided I need to make a change. I need to turn all of the refills around, so that I don’t have to read the numbers upside down. DUH!

The really REALLY cool thing about this is the fact that it doesn’t have to sit in my over-stuffed closet any more, since our living room is decorated with a travel motif – vintage suitcases, globes, clocks with various time zones, and souvenirs from various trips – so the case can be displayed without looking a bit out of place. How cool is that!?!?!?

Here are some pictures of some of the other “travel” features in our living room.

Some day I plan to use these vintage suitcases to store my many purses. I love purses! I have a variety of colors/styles. They are overtaking my over-stuffed closet (do you sense a theme here???) so I’m going to store them un-noticed in the living room.

My goals for the coming week…

I’ll be traveling again this week – leading a conference in Chicago – plus Monday is a holiday and my two guys and I are going to take a little drive out of town, so it will be a short week. Therefore my three goals are easy this week. In the words of a beloved little engine… “I think I can. I think I can.”

  1. Due to the fact that Leelou is discontinuing the blog template I currently use, I must make sure my blog is functional without it – by Thursday! EEK! Wish me luck!

  1. I’ve been missing my treasure hunt posts – so I plan to do one this week! If you’re unfamiliar with them, I take items I find at yard sales, thrift stores, etc – CHEAP! – and use them on a card. They are items not originally intended for cardmaking. I used to do this weekly, but since moving to our new town two years ago, I’ve been quite disappointed in the yard sales here, so kind of got away from doing these. But in my work at re-organizing my Cubbyhole, I found some treasures I’ve been saving, so I have something to use.

  1. I’m going to find a Chipotle to eat at on my travels! (And get a frappuccino, too!) Have I mentioned how much I love traveling???

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


jimlynn said...

Jeanette, this is a fabulous post!!!! Can't believe those Copics fit that case just nearly perfect! What a wonderful idea - and inexpensive too!
I'm still trying to get over the fact though that you made 23 cards this week!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes!!! I know each and every one of them were great too.

:: BlueInks :: said...

Now how in the world did I guess that was an 8 track case?! I am not sure!!! Those Copics fit just perfectly....enjoy your new storage!

Travel safe this week....

kiwimeskreations said...

I may not have guessed the original use of the case correctly, but I did get the adapted use correct :-).
Broccoli bread - that sounds intriguing..

Darlene said...

Jeanette, This post is delightful!! What a wonderful re-purposing of the 8 Track Case (no, I didn't guess it's original purpose either!)

Best wishes for your goals this week. Looking forward to your treasure hunt reports.