Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Golden Oldie

I have a golden oldie for you today.

This vintage-themed card is one that I created some time ago, but never showcased here on my blog. I thought of it today when I was talking with some of my friends about my first job ever, back in my high school days. I worked as a soda jerk at Sonic. It was so fun. The funny thing is, my dad's first job, back in is high school days, was working as a soda jerk at one of those "real" soda fountains that used to exist. Isn't that cool?!?!?!

So this card brings fond memories of days gone by, an earlier era, one not to be forgotten.

Tomorrow I'll bring you a brand new card (it's in the final stages of completion right now) and some fun FUN news!

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