Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Angels

You may have noticed, I didn't post anything on my blog yesterday. This cute little angel is the reason! (I thought you might like to see a picture - well, two pictures actually - the front view and the back view.) I had to make 50 of these little ornaments... so they consumed my time.

Now that my angels are finished and ready for gift-giving on Sunday, I can get back to my hideout and create a card or two. Yippie!

Constructed with a wooden circle (face) two pieces of glitter felt (wings) scrap of fabric, two buttons, yarn, ribbon and crochet thread.


~Paola~ said...

yeahh! I KNEW I could see this precious lil angel in bigger and better viewing format here in your blog!
Soo totally cute and adorable Jeanette...U NEVER cease to amaze me!!

Melina said...

Awwww! This is so cute. So creative. love it.

Janice said...

These are adorable! I can't believe you 50 done!!