Sunday, December 31, 2023

Looking Ahead to 2024

As has been my practice for many years, I look forward to the new year - with it comes new plans (I love a new calendar) and a new Word of the Year to help me stay focused.

Most years, a word finds me - usually by the end of November or at the latest early December. This year it seemed to be a bit slower in coming to me. In retrospect, I think that might be because my 2023 Word of the Year served me so well. Gratitude. It helped me to focus on what I was thankful for even on the rough days. I definitely needed that in 2023.

I even considered having More Gratitude as my Word of the Year for 2024. Then I paused. Isn't life to be more than just Gratitude? Shouldn't it be a Celebration, too?

So, for 2024 my Word of the Year is...

It is my desire to celebrate each day! Special events, of course. But also the minute things that happen in life and everything in between, too. Sounds big, doesn't it? 

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