Thursday, March 30, 2023

Catch Up Club - March 2023

In a text conversation amongst friends in the fall of 2022, we agreed that we were all falling behind in creating with items from virtual events, kits, even groups we are in. From that conversation the idea of the Catch Up Club took formation. We decided it was time to work on those cardmaking projects that were waiting for our attention. 

On the last day of each month we've committed to sharing card/cards we have made from something we need to "catch up" on. 

You can view my original Catch Up Club post - HERE - for more details.

For this month's Catch Up Club post, I chose to use complete the cards from Session 1 of the 2022 Stamp Joy virtual event.

I really liked the technique I learned while making this card, even though it did have a bit of an oops. The speckled areas are foil. The idea is to lightly spray Pixie Spray onto the paper and then put a piece of foil on top. Let the foil grab to the Pixie Spray and then lift for a shiny splatter effect. My "Oops" happened because the spray came out very heavy at first so I have a blog instead of a speckle behind the leaves. But that's okay. I loved this technique and will definitely give it a try again in the future.

It should be noted that while most cards posted on my blog are my own designs (albeit sometimes inspired by others), these Catch Up Club cards are not my designs. I've completed cards designed by the class instructor, so while I've made the card, it is not original to me.

Please check out the blogs of my Catch Up Club friends, too...




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Taylored Expressions Items Used:

Stamp - Aflutter

Die - Branch Out

Cardstock - Poppy Seed and Sugar Cube

Inks - Mint Julep, Oreo, Pineapple, and Sprinkle

Stencil - Oval Masking

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