Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Catch Up Club - November 2022

About a month ago, Barb, Darlene, Terry and I were texting and the subject came up how we were all behind in some cardmaking projects, many of them from virtual classes that we'd signed up for and partially completed but still had much to do. Rather than just grumble about it, we decided to take action and from that conversation the Catch Up Club was formed. On the last day of each month (beginning this month) we will each be sharing a cared that we were late in making. It might be from a virtual event that was held, a challenge we are late with, a group that we did not post on time - anything that we are behind on! 

For my first Catch Up post, I've made one of the cards from this summer's C9 Summer Camp. It was a great event... I loved the cards/supplies, and while I watched the classes I had not yet made a card.

Where to start? The first card of the even, of course.

Cardscapes with Laura Bassen

Brighter Days Card

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Terry Ladwig said...

Love your card Jeanette! This was such a great kit and I loved making it! I am so glad we are doing this once a month! I need to catch up, and no one better than our little group to do it with!

Darlene LeTavec said...

Oh wow Jeanette! These cards are so nice! I like that they are suitable for almost any age and gender. Sometimes that is difficult to achieve. Great job!!

Barb said...

This is such a cute card--love the design! Yes, virtual events are great--making all of the cards is the challenge!