Sunday, May 26, 2019


I found the most amazing paper at Wal-Mart not too long ago. (Surprised me! I know; right?) It is so sparkly! And the amazing thing is you can print right onto it so I thought to myself, If it can be put through my printer, why can't I stamp onto it? Made perfect sense to me. So I gave it a try, using Catherine Pooler Midnight Ink. It. worked. perfectly! I was totally TOTALLY impressed!!!

What wasn't as impressive was trying to get a picture of it. Yowzer! My poor lighting and lack of fancy photography equipment makes that virtually impossible. I regret that. Because this card really sparkles! 

Sparkly Paper
Sparkly Glitter Brads (white and black)
Sparkly Ribbon (two different ones)
Sparkly Prima Flowers (two layers)

Yep, it sparkles!!!

I used the Floral and Sayings stamp set from Victorine Originals - I've used it several times, but this time I used a different silhouette stamp from the set.

I even tried laying the card on a flat 
surface to try to get a better photo.
It didn't help.

I am not - NOT - a symmetrical type of person. That's really kind of surprising because I'm an extremely organized type of person and they often tend to be symmetrical types, too. But I'm over-the-grid asymmetrical. ;) So I first made the card without the additional (Prima) flower and the symmetry of the look was driving me crazy. I just couldn't handle it. So I added an off-centered flower. I'm much happier now. LOL!

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Stamp Set: Victorine Originals Floral and Sayings stamped with Catherine Pooler Midnight Ink

Papers: Diamond Print Glitter Inkjet CS and Recollections Black and 110# White CS

Embellishments: Michael's Ribbon, Prima Flowers, and Glitter Brads from an unknown vendor


Aracelli Merla said...

I can just imagine the sparkle! Let me cover my eyes before I go blind with the glare. LOL. I too have found some surprising finds at Walmart - definitely never hurts to check out the craft section. I love the added flower on the bottom. Your card is gorgeous and I bet even more spectacular IRL!

Lynn McAuley said...

What an elegant beauty, Jeanette!