Friday, May 31, 2019

My First Subscription Box

Sometimes I feel like I'm in a rut in my cardmaking. Am I the only one? It's not really that I've lost my mojo; rather, it feels like all of my cards are the same. 

I recently went through one of these spells and decided to try something I'd not tried before - I ordered a subscription box. A bit extreme? Perhaps. But I figured the surprise element plus being nudged to use items I did not select might just change up my creativity a bit. The plus is the items would be coordinated so I wouldn't have to think too hard about it; I could simply create.

I didn't want a subscription box that had instructions of exact cards to replicate. I wanted to think of my own designs. I also didn't want a subscription that I would be bound to for very long.

I ended up choosing the Pink & Main subscription box.

Perhaps I chose it because I knew it would arrive in a pretty bright pink box, which happens to be the accent color in my Play Room. ;)

Surely I could get creative with all these goodies, right?

I decided before I started that I would make three cards. Here they are (in the order I made them)...

The inside of each card is decorated, too. And the good news - the only thing I used to make these cards other than what came in the kits was some black cardstock, adhesive, and Copic Markers and Amazapen Gel Pen for coloring.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


Aracelli Merla said...

You made some beautiful cards with your kit. Great job.

Lynn McAuley said...

Great cards!! I love what you have created with your box of crafty goodness!!