Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mid Week Peek at My Week

I am going to say it right up front... this week is a TWO THUMBS UP week!!! Now that I have that declaration on the table, so to speak, let me explain myself.

One thing that made this week great is my husband and I hosted a Christmas party for the pastors and their families in our association of 25  churches. I put up Christmas trees a week or more ago (and nativity sets)  but this week I decorated the tables, prepared the food (we catered the meat and had a couple of ladies make the desserts for us, which was a HUGE help!).... we prepared for 40, though not that many were able to attend.

Those who came seemed to enjoy themselves.

I made "sour cream container" favors - they had chocolate kisses and tootsie rolls in them.

And we had Selfie Elfie, so that families could capture some fun pictures.

This is one of the trees - it is our 1983 tree, since EVERY ornament on it was manufactured in1983. That's the year my husband and I married. I think it was for our 20th anniversary that I got the idea we needed a tree with ornaments from "our year" so I started hunting in thrift stores, yard/garage sells, eBay, and such and purchased a lot of 1983 ornaments.

Another tree on display was the gingerbread tree. And see the nativity set on the righthand bookshelf? I brought it back from a mission trip to South Africa many years ago.

In addition to the party this week, I also made 48 cards! WOW! That's a lot for me. AND I wrapped the Christmas presents that are already purchased. I hope to finish my shopping within the next day or two as well.

Yes, it will soon be Christmas... and I want to be ready!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


kiwimeskreations said...

You leave me breathless with all of your activity Jeanette - glad to hear that the Christmas party went well.

Lynn McAuley said...

You sure can host a party, Jeanette! What delightful details! Remarkable work to provide a festive holiday event for all who attended. I am really loving that gingerbread on white tree!