Friday, November 21, 2014

A Peek at My Week

It’s Friday, so it’s time for…


Something I loved about this week…

Okay, technically, it was the end of last week (Saturday) but I absolutely LOVED the worship times at the Women’s Forum I attended! Travis Cottrell was the worship leader and even though he was fighting a virus and at the time – and on some pretty strong medication – he led us to the throne of God! WOW!!!

If you’re unfamiliar with Travis, click HERE to hear one of his songs.

Something I learned this week…

A person CAN survive a day without heat. Our new furnace arrived and the installation began early on Thursday morning. It took ALL DAY to install it and during that time we obviously didn’t have a furnace. But the temperatures were tolerable and the installation man was courteous and thorough. Oh, and on a funny note, when he left at 4:45 P.M., the fire alarms were blaring – as the new smell burned off of the furnace he’d just installed. But now our house is warm again – and hopefully our fuel bill will be lower now thanks to a high efficiency furnace vs. the one that was barely limping by and needed replaced.

Somewhere I went this week…

I didn’t leave town – since I’m decorating for Christmas. So I guess other than to church, to a meeting at an office here in town, and to the grocery store, I haven’t gone anywhere.

Something I created this week…

A HUGE mess! On Tuesday we got the Christmas decorations out – there are boxes EVERYWHERE in my teeny tiny house. EEK! But soon we will have everything looking nice.

Every year – no matter how many trees I put up (up to 43, our highest number) – I always start with Brock’s room. He just seems to not pester me much about the mess/transformation once his room is finished. This year was no exception. I started there. I put up the little decorations, including Christmas rubber duckies, Christmas bears (yes, even the bear he got for his first Christmas), his taxi from when he was a toddler learning to walk with Kermit from a visit to Disney World sitting in the driver’s seat, etc.

Oh, and did I mention, his 6’ tree. I put it together and string the lights and put the puppet bear on the top (that’s the tree topper) while Brock is at work. Then when he gets home, he puts the ornaments on it. He usually does a VERY good job at that. He doesn’t tend to put ornaments on the back side that is against the wall, but he does get ornaments on all of the other sides. Well, that’s what he NORMALLY does. Not so, this year.

This is what you see when you enter his bedroom door:

But I guess if you get into the room and look back at the tree, it doesn’t look too bad. ;)

Something I’m going to do this weekend…

I am going to keep decorating! It will also be a busy day at church on Sunday. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I am helping our youth leader on Sunday nights, which means I prepare the food. We usually have 12-15 youth…. and they LOVE to eat….. a lot! I really am glad I get to hang out with them!

Something I want to accomplish next week…

I plan to have the Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving day – and the boxes put away! A lofty goal – oh if you could see my house right now, you’d think it’s impossible!

Did I take the 30-Minute Challenge this week?
What is a 30-Minute Challenge? Basically, I choose something to do – perhaps it’s an organization task that is calling out to me, or a topic I want to research, or (*gasp!) an exercise I want to try, etc. – and I set the timer and invest 30 minutes in that challenge.

Oops! No, I didn’t.
*me bad*

SCORE TIME: Would I give this week a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down”?

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I appreciate you so much!


kiwimeskreations said...

Love your week in review posts Jeanette - your trees sound fabulous - we only ever have the one :-).

Kristie W. said...

Sounds like a productive week, Jeanette! I started cleaning up so we can decorate after Thanksgiving :-)