Thursday, October 30, 2014

Let's Get Organized

Today is the 5th Thursday of October - thematically, that means it is an "Organize It" Thursday. Sooooo... I decided to show you how I keep my blog organized. That's pretty important, so I don't miss any DT responsibilities, etc.

Last December I went to our local Wal-Mart (our only choice for this sort of shopping in our little dinky town) and purchased a "Weekly/Monthly Planner".

The first thing I did was put together a "daily" list and attached it to the front page of the planner. That way I always have a quick reference for what needs to be on my blog.

When I get an "assignment" I put it as a title (top line) on the appropriate date. Obviously, I can do this well in advance of the date the item will be on my blog.

Then, when I make the card/project, I put the specifications of what products I used, so that I will have those handy when I put together my blog post.

I have a little magnetic bookmark to make it easy to find the current week. (It's the little piece with the cupcakes on it up in the top left corner.)

When the card/project has been photographed and the photo has been cropped and saved, I put the "saved by" name at the very bottom of the appropriate date... so I can easily find the photos when it's time to put together my blog post.

This works VERY WELL for me. I'll definitely be doing this again in 2015.

This is another Organization tool I use:

I purchased several of these plastic sleeves at the Dollar Tree near our town. They actually had a student calendar in them, but I didn't need it for my purposes. Instead, I have one of these black sleeves for every design team I'm on and I slip the known challenge specifications inside each one. When I'm given a digi/stamp to use for the challenge, I make note of that, too.

I also have a lavendar sleeve - which I keep a list of swaps that I need to keep track of.

And I have two green sleeves, that I use to keep track of blog group challenge themes, etc.

All of these sleeves are bound together with O-rings, so they flip easily, open flat, and stay together. This is a very handy resource that I look at almost every day.

I love being organized!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

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