Sunday, October 12, 2014

Baker's Dozen Cardmaking

As a youngster I heard  my grandmother use the term "Baker's Dozen" and I had no idea what she meant. She told me that it as customary when you purchased a dozen cookies, donuts (or such) at the bakery, they would throw in an extra one, hence the baker's dozen wasn't a dozen at all, but rather 13.

Then, when I was a bit older, I discovered that my uncle (Grandma's oldest son) was very superstitious. He did not allow us to use the number 13. When we were helping him in take the bales of hay out to the cows in the winter time it went like this: 1... 2.......10... 11... 12... 12-and-a-half... 14. (I doubt he was really all that superstitious, but rather liked to tease, but I could never be sure.

Fast forward to three years ago and my first of three mission trips to Thailand. Imagine my surprise when I entered the elevator for the first time and discovered there was NO 13th floor. Hmmmmmmm... I think we're sensing a trend here.

Tee hee! Doesn't he make you smile?

Now, lest you think I've totally lost my mind, I want you to know...

I am one of the Girls of the Bakers Dozen!

What are the Girls of the Bakers Dozen? We are a group of 13 women who beginning last May have joined together to get creative. Each month one of the "girls" sends identical kits to the others in the group and we make a card (or more) with the items in the kit. Sometimes there are special instructions; a little extra challenge, etc.

This month Soni is the hostess, and she sent a fun kit (THANK YOU, Soni!) with the extra challenge of telling us we needed to use lace on at least one card.

I managed to make three cards with Soni's kit and I put lace on two of them.

First, a Thanksgiving Card with Lace

Second, a Halloween Card with Lace

Third, an Owl Card without Lace

The only thing I used of my own on these cards was the lace, some green ribbon, and some cardstock for the card bases/layering.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

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kiwimeskreations said...

Love these fabulous cards Jeanette - the lace on the halloween card is a stunning addition, and those owls are so very cute.