Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Get Your Duel On with a Fashion Sense

It's the 15th of November! That means it's time for another DUEL!!! Yes, the Dueling Darlings are at it again. This month, Kelly and I are the hostesses, and we put our heads together for some "out of the box" type of creating. Our theme?

What NOT to Wear (to this year's holiday party)!

We wanted the Divas and the Dazzlers to have a challenge - where they had to think creatively how to use items that at first glance didn't look like they went together at all.

Now in case you're new to the Duel, you may not have a clue what I'm talking about. Each month, the two members of the two teams are mailed kits in advance, along with details about the theme, etc. and they have to create cards with the items they receive. The two hostesses agree on a theme, but other than that, they keep their kits a secret from each other. Soooo I don't have a clue what Kelly mailed to the Divas, nor does she know what I mailed to the Dazzlers. Fun!!!

I hunted for wild papers, mismatched embellishments, and a humorous image. I think I succeeded in sending the Dazzlers a "classy" (NOT!), elegant (NOT!), outlandish (DEFINITELY!) kit with which to create. Tee Hee!

The Dueling Darlings were told that they could alter the items any way they chose (paint them, distress them, etc.) but I decided to use my items as is. The result? A much more busy (bizarre) creation than my normal style.

Pictures, they say, are worth a thousand words, so here are some pictures...

Kelly and I also thought it would be fun to add a twist to the Duel this month... so we issued this challenge: we asked the Dueling Darlings to find a picture of themselves (if possible) or someone else depicting something NOT to wear and to include that in their blog post.

Since I have very few pictures of my childhood and my parents live in a different state, I couldn't find a picture of myself to show. Therefore I searched the internet and found several. LOL!

This first one made me laugh, because it reminded me of my own teenage years. Yes, we DID wear our skirts and/or shorts that short even back when I was a teenager.

These two definitely show what NOT to wear (in my opinion):

But this picture is my favorite! When watching the wedding of the century (Prince William and Kate), it was nearly impossible not to notice the attire of the guests, especially those who wore QUIRKY hats. LOL!

This collage surfaced shortly after the wedding. Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought Fergie's girls' hats were noteworthy.

As fun as this fashion show has been, I'm sure you will want to check out the blogs of the other Dueling Darlings to see their cards and their fashion photos.


Janet (a Guest Designer this month - WELCOME, Janet! We're glad you're dueling with us this month!)

Paola (who's kit has not yet arrived, so stay tuned for her post at a later date)


Kit Contents

Image: American Art Stamp Body By

Designer Papers: Colorbok Beautiful Music; Paper Company Double Sided Mulberry; Paper Pizazz Yummy Chocolate Chips; and Paper Studio Girly Graffiti, Hibiscus Flowers, Multi Colored Bursts, Watercolor Floral and Watercolored Balloons

Embellishments: Eyelet Outlet Brads, Heidi Swap Anywhere Stickers, Karen Foster Designs Scrapper's Floss, Making Memories Ribbon Words, Simplicity Buttons, and a vintage key

DRATS! I forgot to use the key on my card! That's the pits, because I was so excited about putting it in the kit. I got so excited trying to figure out how to use stickers on my card (who uses stickers anymore anyway!??!?!) that I totally forgot about the key. Oh well... too late now. I just hope some of the Dazzlers used their keys.


April said...

I too didn't use the key...had an idea, but couldn't pull it off!

Your card is just fabulous ~ you would never know that it wasn't coordinated on purpose!

Thanks for a wonderful challenge this month!!

Barb said...

Key? I am sure the key would have made your card an 11 out of 10!

Your card is so cute and I just love that image--got to find it! And your pictures--perfect!

I am so sure that you and Kelly had a blast putting together the kits this month and sure gave us all quite the challenge!

Melina said...

Drats! I didn't use the key or color my table (on the image)! I only thought I flubbed this challenge up before. Mark down 2 more things I messed up! ugh!
I love your card! It's busy but you make it soooooo work! I'm no good at that.
The fashion "no no" pics you shared are too funny! :) HUGS

MiamiKel said...

heeehee Geerrgling! i think i owned that third outfit down....that orange number !! this challenge was a hoot..hopefully after i do blog rounds we will still have friends ROFL!!! love your card . outside with all its bling and brightness and fun ness and following the party inside! fabby! big hugs to you and hats off for this wild parte this month lol! xxoo

:: BlueInks :: said...

Look at you! Great job using so much of your kit. That image is just a smile maker!

It was a fun challenge and a challenge it was. Thanks!

Judy McMullen said...

Totally fabulous, fantastic, fun card, Jeanette! Great papers and hilarious image paired perfectly with this wild and crazy theme!! Love everything!!! Oh, and those pix are the perfect examples of What Not To Wear! GREAT JOB!!!!

Darlene said...

Thanks for such a FUN kit, Jeanette! I am impressed (as always) at what you were able to make with these contents. What a fun image too! Your card does the image justice! Love it!
PS, I, too am disappointed that I didn't use the key - but I may go back & add it SOMEWHERE...LOL

Carol W said...

Wow, wow wow....you did a great job with your kit...love , love love it. Awesome image and I can so identify...Also,your short skirt pics brought back a memory from way back...my dad would get so mad at us wearing our skirts so short...he would throw up his hands and yell...I;ll just let you wear my shirt it would definitely cover more...lol...we drove him crazy...

JRB said...

I'm running thru the blogs, because I can finally post. Love your card. I'm running thru the blogs

Lori said...

Hilarious - love those girls! Your card turned out wonderfully! I think you've got the "what not to wear" perfectly...

Terry Ladwig said...

You used almost everything from the kit (minus that darned key)...I love it!

This was a fun kit though it left me scratching my head several times wondering what to do with it all!

Thanks for being such a fun hostess! You and Kelly did a great job this month!!

♥ hugs to you ♥

~Paola~ said...

awwwww, this is such a FUN carddddddd! Love ALL the elements included in the kit...what a hodge podge of diverse lil tresures...
Absolutly adore the image and its hilarious sentiment .You colored it flawlessy btw and sur elike how U tilted it to make it 'pop' out from the background. Fun challenge indeed and U oh sooooo rocked it in full! :o)

dweatter said...

You used just about everything in the kit. HOW GREAT!!! Love your card my friend.