Monday, November 28, 2011

Calendar Girl Christmas

Today is November 28th... a day that will go down in history............ well, perhaps only for a small group of online friends who are known as the Calendar Girls. Tee Hee!

Seriously, I love the 28th because that is the day that we Calendar Girls post our monthly blog group creations, based on the theme that the Calendar Girl of the month has selected. FUN!!! However, if you notice in my sidebar, there are only 10 Calendar Girls (Miss January through Miss October) so for this month and next, we have no hostess. Instead, we have some simple themes and fun posts to go with them.

For this month, we are simply supposed to post a Christmas card we've made. Easy Peasy! Oh, and also, for those who are willing to expose their workspaces (oh, the embarrasment), we will also be posting pictures of our work desk/counter in all of its glory (or, as in my case, all of its humiliation).

First things first, though. Here is my card...

Santa Claus!!! Woo Hoo! Gotta love the man in red!

After all, when you stop believing in Santa, you get underwear (or so the saying goes).

Because this Whipper Snapper stamp is rather large, I went with a rather weird fold to allow Santa to be used on a regular-sized card and still have a view of designer papers, which you know I love so much. I actually made this card for Barb's (barbaralynn on SCS) Big Guy in the Red Suit card swap, so I couldn't really make it a larger card.

This picture shows the card with both flaps open:

Now for the humiliation - and a DISCLAIMER!

Disclaimer: I moved in June. I left behind a wonderful Hideout - with lots of space and lots of organization for my stamping toys! I moved to a house that is less than half the size and has NO place for a playroom. Sooooooo we created a Cubbyhole in the garage to house my stamping toys. To refresh your memory, you can find pictures of the boxes and stuff in the garage here.

My Cubbyhole is still a work in progress. It is a very VERY slow process, but I do hope to finally be able to find/use any and all of my toys eventually. LOL!

Here is a picture of my stamping desk:

UGH! What a mess!!! No wonder I find myself stamping at the kitchen table quite often these days... oh, it has something to do with the temperature in my Cubbyhole, too... since it is not heated. Brrrrrrr!!!

Just for fun, here are some pictures of the rest of my Cubbyhole:

It will get better! I promise!!!

Now, let's go see what the other calendar girls have to show us............

Miss January (that's me)

Miss February - Kelly

Miss March - April

Miss April - Terry

Miss May - Barb

Miss June - Carol

Miss July - Michelle

Miss August - Debbie

Miss September - Paola

Miss October - Tami

Stamp: Whipper Snapper

Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black and Copic Markers

Cardstock: Stampin' UP! Black and Cherry Cobbler

Designer Paper: Vendor Unknown

Embellishment: Hobby Lobby Ribbon


MiamiKel said...

What a fun card! And I believe, I believe! I do believe in wishes and dreams come true and most assuredly Santa Claus :) And I could probably use some undies, too - preferably Victoria's Secret, but just sayin' .... ROFL!! :) WHat a fun and whimiscal card - colored to perfection! ANd the ribbon!! Your signature spot on perfect eye for papers and ribbon - YGG!!! I missed the part about picture - and my desk is actually clean, lol! I did post pictures of Moi lasts month for the DDD so hopefully I'll be off the hook *grin!* Holiday hugs!!

April said...

I think your Cubbyhole is still bigger than my craft area! And, I KNOW, you have a ton more crafting supplies than I will EVAH have!!

I love your card....that fold is awesome and you showed it off at the perfect will see it (or something similar) in the near future!

Terry Ladwig said...

I do absolutely love your card! That stamp is adorable!!! What a fun fold too! Great job!!

As for your cubbyhole.....holy cow you have alot of stuff in that small space!! It looks very organized though! Great use of a small space! Thank you for sharing!

Hugs to you!!!

Barb said...

I love, love your card--but then I got to see it in person too! Love the colors and the card is just so darn cute!

And, I want to come and play at your cubbbyhole! It is so organized and your ribbon holder is perfect! I love all of your bins and drawers and shelving units--I cannot imagine how you could lose anything like an ink pad! I do hope your table gets more attention during the winter months!

Thanks for sharing your workspace, your card and your friendship!

jimlynn said...

LOVE your little guy in the red suit and sure hope he visits me this year!
Your card is wonderful - such beautiful coloring too.
I look at your craft room and think - I NEED all of this! It's great looking and not a mess like mine usually is.

paige said...

Fun card - great image!
Wow! Your workspace is amazing! What a great place to play and create!

Carol W said...

Oh Jeanette...I love your card...the fold is absolutely wonderful and the W/S image is colored to is an amazing card....I love your space as well...I wish when I said my room was a mess it looked like yours (which of course isn't a mess)...You did an outstanding job with this challenge....♥

Carol W said...

BTW---- I do believe as well...♥♥♥

~Paola~ said...

wowzerrr what a nice jolly card and sooo festive too. As usual U havea very uncanny way to match the oerfect dp to ribbon/or viceversa... well done Jeanette!
Oh and your cubby hole Jeanette is DA BOMB! sure does NOT look thatg amsll at all..and it is sooo well organized tooo....wowwww U DO have LOTSSSS of stuff!! :o) I wanna come and playyy!:o)

:: BlueInks :: said...

Your Santa card is devine! I just love the image and how you worked the card around it. Great coloring and ideas!

Okay, let's talk. WOW!!!! Look at all of your crafting stuff. I am in awe. I am so small time! LOL

You have done a great job both on your card and your new crafting space!

Marilyn said...

Your card is gorgeous and I love how you've used such 'soft' colours for Santa's face.
Now your stuff... holy, holy cow! It makes me weak and my palms sweat to see all that in one room... my gosh, it's like having your own store! Good on ya though... I'd love to have one like it.

Darlene said...

This card is ADORABLE!! I love the fun ribbon too! Your coloring is perfection as always.
As for your new cubby hole, well, it looks VERY organized! I can make you all feel better if I posted any pics of my space right now - yikes!

Melina said...

I love your card! The fold and the image....cute, cute!
Your cubby hole is great J! You have a bigger craft area than I do girl! love all your crafty goodness on the shelves! :)

dweatter said...

What a great card. It's so bright and cheerful and your coloring of Santa is FAB!!! Love the matching Christmas light ribbon and DP. I am still believing cuz I don't want just underwear.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Fun card and great colors too. Wow- love your workspace- I had to do some organizing today....could not even walk through mine......!

Louise F NZ said...

Great card, love the image and fantastic colours. The cubbyhole isn't so bad.... I certainly won't be sharing pics of my space anytime soon.

Em said...

Great Santa image! Nice craft room! I clean up my table every time. Because my cat will play whatever left on the table. LOL

Leslie Culver said...

How I wished my creative space looked so organized and ample! What an inspiration!