Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sweeter Than Apple Pie

One of the recent challenges I've had involved taking a stamp set that someone else picked out and creating a card using that stamp set. Easy, right? Well............. maybe not!

The stamp set I was loaned is the Stampin' UP! One Smart Cookie set. It features teeny tiny images. I rarely touch a stamp this small and know very little about using them. So I met the challenge before me with some trepidation.

I liked the sentiment "sweeter than apple pie" so decided to use it and the little apple image to create my card. What better way touse these than by creating an apple pie. It is complete with glittery sugar sprinkled on top, although that doesn't show up in the picture very well.


Anonymous said...

Forest, this is so stinkin cute...Ilove it..awesome idea


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! I love the pie shape and the sentiment and the teeny tiny image is a perfect fit for this. Wonderful card!

Lorie said...

Awesome. Absolutely, totally, and completely AWESOME!!! Great job!!!!!