Monday, June 15, 2009

I Love to Color!

I love to color! I can remember when I was a young child, laying on my tummy on the floor with a coloring book sprawled out in front of me and a huge box of crayons to choose from. I'd color for hours!

Now I'm all grown up... and I still love to color. But now I like to use my Copics, or my Prisma markers, or watercolor crayons, or _______, well you get the idea. It is soooooo relaxing. And I love watching the image evolve before my very eyes. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I like Whipper Snapper stamps. They are such fun to color!

The Big Cheese is one of Whipper Snapper's many fun image stamps. It is absolutely adorable and the coordinating sentiment is fun, too. Age doesn't matter unless you are cheese.


kadie said...

This is very darling! It reminds me of the Tale of Desperaux. SO Cute! I'm totally there with you--love to color too!

Sandra MacLean said...

This is supre cute Jeanette!! Whipper Snapper images are the cutest stamps too! I hear ya sistah on the color thing. I had tons of coloring books and even drew on my dresser when I was little....can't imagine why my mama threw a fit at me!?? LOL

Lorie said...

Yep! I love to color too, and these Whipper Snappers are da bomb!! Great card, Jeanette!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jeanette...I LOVE this card and I loved receiving it for my is in a special place of honor....thank you so much my are the best!!!

Carol W (momcgw)

Anonymous said...

See this card! Thinks it's great?!? You should see it in person ~ it's the bomb diggity and it's mine! All Mine! I'm so thrilled to have gotten it and I thank you sweet friend for thinking of me because I too, love to color!

hugs and much love to you and THANK YOU again!