Sunday, June 5, 2022

Dirty Dozen 2021, April

I had the amazing honor of being invited to join the ranks (or dirt pile, as they lovingly refer to it) of the Dirty Dozen on SCS last year. My term was from April through September. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had fun creating 6 (or more) cards for each of the themes.

April - Grand Opening

May - Family Tree

June - Juke Box

July - Come Fly with Me

August - Kitchen Sink

September - Popping In

Dirty Dozen members have some guidelines to follow. One of them is we can't share our cards for at least six months after the month in which they were released, hence the reason why I didn't show them when I made them.

Another guideline is we are to choose our own personal favorite of the cards we make each month. Sometimes that is easy to do; other times, not so much.

This blog post shows the cards I made for the April Grand Opening theme, beginning with my personal favorite, followed by my other cards, in no particular order.

My Favorite Things - Our Story

Whipper Snapper - Party Koala

SumMore Fun - SodaLighted

Sunny Studio - Pink Peonies

Art Impressions - Get Well

Picket Fence - Fran Girl

Northwoods - Newsprint Jack-o-Lantern

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kiwimeskreations said...

I love that so many of your 'grand opening' cards involved books Jeanette - a fabulous set of cards

Barb said...

These are such sweet cards--congrats again on your selection!