Sunday, June 14, 2020

Stay @ Home Update #10

Each Sunday (at 5:00 AM) I'm sharing how the week's 10-minute stay@home organizational challenge went. If you don't have an idea what that means and you're curious, you can learn more in my original Stay @ Home Update blog post
 - found HERE.

Now here's the disclaimer: Some of these daily stay@home challenges are taking more than 10 minutes, but who's counting, right? 

Here's what I've accomplished this week...

Day 1 - SUN, June 7
I had a box full of packages of card bases with coordinating envelopes. Some of these I'd purchased on clearance years ago. Some were found at thrift stores and garage sales. Obviously they had set unnoticed on my shelf for way too long, so I sorted out the ones that were not something I thought I would use (they will be donated to our local thrift store) and the others I sorted and stored in a more usable system.

Day 2 - MON, June 8
I'm still working my way through the bins of odds and ends that have been sitting on my shelves for way too long. This one was filled with bits and pieces left over from card kits as well as some other items. I sorted, purged, and then stored the items I'm keeping in the appropriate places.

Day 3 - TUES, June 9
I found a box of embellishments on the shelf. This one had stickers, ribbons, tags, and lots more in it. I kept one item from the box and the rest are now being donated.

Day 4 - WED, June 10
Today I decided to get back to uploading my wood-mounted stamps into my Evernote inventory. This drawer is the miscellaneous stamps. I have four more drawers to go.
Day 5 - THUR, June 11
I found a long-forgotten box of crafting supplies on a back shelf and sorted through it today. Me-oh-my! It was a dirty unpleasant mess. I'm glad that box is finished. I tossed much of the items in it; I did keep a few packages of unopened sequins that I opened and added to my sequin storage system. I also kept a bead sorting tray and a pair of scissors - everything else was tossed int he trash.

Day 6 - FRI, June 12
I uploaded another drawer of wood-mounted stamps into my Evernote inventory today. There aren't many stamps in my Christmas drawer (because most of my Christmas stamps are not wood-mounted) so my ten minutes didn't take much more than ten minutes today. LOL! While I say I'll spend 10 minutes doing this daily organizational activity, most days it takes much longer than 10 minutes.

Day 7 - SAT, June 13
Today I uploaded this drawer full of wood-mounted sentiment stamps into my Evernote Inventory. (I'm excited to say that I'm almost finished with that task. I only have two more drawers to go.)

Okay, that's it for this week. Stay tuned to see what I accomplish in the coming week.


kiwimeskreations said...

What a wonderful craft room you will have after this is all over Jeanette. You must have inspired me as I sorted a pile of sewing stuff the other day, and my sewing desk is (almost) cleared - and certainly a lot tidier!
Stay safe

Lynn McAuley said...

I need to do some more Day 5 sorting - TRASH!!