Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Travel the World - Week 36

This is the 36th week in my Travel the World personal challenge. Each week I am randomly choosing one country (there are 195 countries in the world) and doing a little research on that country. I then select one tidbit of information about the country as inspiration for the card I make.

This week's country is...


Tunisia is the smallest country in Northwestern Africa. It is bordered by Algeria to the west and southwest, Libya to the southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east.

Geographically, Tunisia contains the eastern end of the Atlas Mountains and the northern reaches of the Sahara desert. Much of the rest of the country’s land is fertile soil.

Some of the Mediterranean’s most spectacular beaches are to be found in Tunisia; to the north is a coastline of crystal-clear waters, lush vegetation and wild cliffs, while the southern coastline is fascinating due to the desert landscape surrounding it.

Travelers are typically surprised to see a heavy influence of Roman archeology in Tunisia

The family is the most significant unit of Tunisian life and plays an important role in all social relations.

Tunisians take their time during greetings to converse about their families, friends, and other general topics.

In any greeting between men and women, the woman must extend her hand first. If she does not, a man should simply bow his head in acknowledgment.

When invited to a Tunisian's home it is customary to bring pastries, nuts, fruit, cake, candy, or flowers to the hostess, but never alcohol unless you know that the hostess drinks. Interestingly, hostess gifts are not opened when received.

Food is traditionally served at a knee-high round table, with the guest of honor sitting beside the host.

A washing basin will be brought to the table before the meal is served. Those dining will hold their hands over the basin while water is poured over them; then they will be dried with the towel provided. The washing basin will be brought back to the table at the conclusion of the meal so diners can wash their hands again.

Males and females may often eat separately: men first and then women. No one eats until the host has either blessed the food or begun to eat.

Food is served from a communal bowl. Food is eaten from the section of the bowl that is in front of the person. No one reaches across the bowl to get something from the other side. Choice morsels will be put in front of honored guests.

Food is often eaten by hand but individuals must always eat with their right hands.

With its white domed houses and blue-painted doors, the clifftop town of Sidi Bou Said is Grecian in its beauty. Visitors come to admire panoramic Mediterranean views and to explore a plethora of art galleries, boutiques and open-air caf├ęs. 

The most venomous spider in the world can be found inTunisia.

Domestic violence is a crime in Tunisia.

The Jebel ech Chambi mountain rises at an elevation of 5,066 feet above the sea level, the highest point and the highest mountain in the country. 

Tunisia does not allow photographs to be taken of embassies, military or government buildings, as well as other sensitive places.

Tunisia drivers take the view that road rules, traffic signs and traffic signals are an interesting thing which bears very little relation to actually driving. Drivers completely ignore all regulations, even when police are clearly visible. They don‘t seem to care about which side of the road they drive on half the time.

Pedestrians have the right of way in Tunisia.

I decided to let this Tunisia fact be the inspiration for this week's card... Ichkeul National Park is renowned for its hiking and birdwatching opportunities. In season, more than 300,000 ducks, geese and coots can be spotted on the lake during a single day, and great flocks of storks and flamingo are common. 

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Papers: Recollections Black and 110# White and SU Pumpkin Pie CS and DP Scraps (SU and Authentique Basics)

Embellishments: Brads from an unknown vendor


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What an interesting nation Jeanette - thanks for sharing about it. Love your card - it's a really fun one and made me smile..

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How fun is this duck who seems to be all beak and eyeballs!!