Wednesday, October 31, 2018

My Last Cards from Card Kit Swap 2018

I'm in a Card Kit Swap Group on SCS along with eleven other women. Each month one of us is the recipient, which means all the other members send kits to that person. The recipient can give a wish list of sorts, if she chooses to do so. I was the recipient in August. 

This is what I requested:

August is a month that some people dread (students) and others look forward to (frazzled moms?) because it is when many schools begin again after taking the summer off. My daughter is a teacher (Special Ed in the Bush of Alaska, which means you can't drive to her village, you have to fly in). There are no stores there (other than one small local place to buy basic groceries). There are no restaurants. There are no movie theaters or other places to go for entertainment. But she loves her Eskimo students and village life! Since I can't see her often I try to send her lots of cards through the year. So... for my kits I would love it if you would send something that is "Brittney-friendly". What is Brittney-friendly, you ask? Good question. Brittney loves dogs! She. really. loves. dogs. She loves coffee! She also loves sushi, avocados, and cottage cheese (none of which she can get in her village.) She likes snow. She is a teacher (duh! I already said that, didn't I?) She loves God (so religious kits are okay, too). That's just a few things. If none of those fit your supplies, then just surprise me. I'm sure I can make a card with it to send to Brittney.

received eleven awesome kits. THANK YOU, LADIES!!!

I took the kits with me to the crafting retreat I attended not long ago and had so much fun creating a card with each one. I've already posted the first 8 cards here on my blog. You can find them HERE and HERE.

Carol's Kit
Image - Tim Holtz Crazy Dog

Darlene's Kit
Image - Hero Arts Be the Person

Linda's Kit
Image - Stampin' UP! You Dazzle Me

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4 comments: said...

Those cards are so lovely! I'm sure Brittney is going to love them!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...
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Lynn McAuley said...

All of them have been wonderful!! Great dog cards, Jeanette!!
Now I can start making some again!!

Barb said...

Another set of great cards--so cute!