Friday, August 25, 2017

A Sweet Day for a Joy Report

What a week! WHAT A WEEK!!!

We experienced an eclipse and the people in its path went crazy. Okay, I'll admit it... I was one of them, sort of. I didn't go anywhere. I watched it from my yard. And we were not in the totality area (that was about an hour south of us). We were in the 98% area. I thought that would be enough, but truth be known, in retrospect, it really wasn't. LOL!

Look out though. The next one (in less than 7 years) is supposed to go right through my area - 100%! And I plan to have the special glasses and be ready for it!

That being said, we did experience some things worth noting. It didn't get dark, but it did get dark enough that the street lights came on. We could see the crescent, which was just pretty amazing.

AND... the crickets. Oh my! They chirped like crazy all morning long. And then, almost exactly 10 minutes to the climax, they stopped abruptly. Not a sound. Not. a. sound. For the duration of the eclipse.

I thought that was pretty incredible.

Yep... the eclipse sure made this week exciting... and JOYful!

I also managed to make 17 cards this week, including the one that is on my blog today.

Every week I look forward to my "50 Truths Worth Knowing" card. It's always fun to read a little chapter from the book and then see where it takes me. This week was no exception.

Chapter 34
Sometimes You've Got to 
Think Outside the Box

Rob remembers - somewhat fondly - the 1965 Ford Country Squire station wagon that his parents had when he was a youngster. Well, somewhat... because he also recalls they held onto it much longer than they probably should have... clear into the mid-80's when it often brought stares and giggles from other drivers.

But it still ran. And his parents didn't see any reason to replace it. After all, they had encountered the Great Depression and had wisely learned the value of frugality.

That didn't mean there weren't challenges with that old station wagon. For instance, it developed a hole the size of a half dollar in one of its taillights, which made it unlikely that the car would pass inspection. Parts were no longer available. A trip to a "junk yard" where older vehicles sat waiting for someone to purchase pieces off of them resulted in finding the part, but the price was exorbitant and Rob's dad refused to pay that price.But Rob's dad was an engineer by trade and he was not going to let that taillight problem become an issue.

Rob came home one evening and noticed a foul smell the moment he entered the house. Following his nose, he discovered his dad, hunched over a pot on the stove, cooking some sort of red paste. Lying on the counter was debris from rolls of cherry-flavored Lifesavers.

His dad had created the solution. He would simply "paint" the red, sticky goo into that hole with a Popsicle stick.

"Won't it melt?" Rob asked.

His dad's response... "Not unless someone licks it."

Not one to argue, Rob didn't question any longer. The car passed inspection, and the taillight remained unlicked for years, thus saving his family the expense of buying a new car.

I'm not liking this card, not one bit. I thought if I colored the image it would overwhelm the awesome designer paper, but now I'm second-guessing that decision. Shucks.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Supplies Used

Stamps: Unity Row of Yummies and sentiment from the Some Odd Girl Tiny Baker Tia set stamped with Gina K Black Onyx Ink

Papers: Recollections: Blue, Red, and White CS and DP from the DCWV Snack Stack Paper Pad

Embellishments: Michael's Rhinestones

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Lynn McAuley said...

Sensational background paper for this fun image!! Sweet, sweet card!!