Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mid Week Joy Report

PLEASE NOTE: This is my second blog post of the day. If you are here to check out the Dueling Darling post, you can find it quickly by clicking HERE... or just keep scrolling through this post. It's the one after this one.

Well, let's see... what have been some of the highlights of my week?

My husband is on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic. He left Monday morning and the flights went smoothly. When flying uneventful is a good thing... and it was.

I had two meetings (out-of-town) on the weekend and they were very productive. (Bonus: I got to eat at Chipotle - more than once - and I had Starbucks!)

I made ten cards (in addition to all the other things I had going on this week, I think that's pretty good.)

* * * * *

One of the cards I made was the one for today's "50 Truths Worth Knowing" Challenge. This is week 7 - the title of the chapter/excerpt is "Friendship is Hard, but the Rewards are Grand".

Anndee, who was Philadelphia had lived with her friend Rachael in the Pacific Northwest for seven years. They were very close and imagined a lifetime of experiences together - things like being present at the birth of each other's children and growing old in the same zip code.

Then Anndee decided to move back to Philadelphia and Rachael felt betrayed. In truth, she was angry that Anndee would do this.

Anndee assured Rachael that they would remain close and at first she made a genuine effort to keep in touch. As time went on they called less and less often. Long distance friendships are challenging, especially when you've had countless days of spontaneous supermarket trips, late nigh gossip sessions and so many other "together" moments for seven years.

Finally Anndee made a trip back to Portland for a visit. The friends determined that they really missed each other and decided to make a better effort at staying in touch, including scheduled phone calls.

Over time, Anndee found that she started calling Rachael when a song came on the radio that reminded her of her friend or at other times when she randomly thinks of her. They exchange pictures of their children and stick them on the refrigerator door. They have determined that their friendship is worth the extra effort it takes to remain close even at a distance.

To reflect this story I used a "world" image - no they didn't live a world apart, but I suspect the distance sometimes felt that far. And I loved the scripture verse that I placed on the front - "The Lord watch between me and thee when we are absent one from another." (Genesis 31:49)

No matter how
far away you feel,
you are always
close to my heart.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today!

Image/Sentiments: Sweet 'n Sassy Across the Miles stamped with Gina K Black Onyx Ink

Papers: Recollections Earth-Colored Cardstock

Embellishments: Brads from an unknown vendor

4 comments: said...

Jeanette I just love reading your stories. Your card is beautiful. It sounds like you had a busy week too....10 cards!!! Impressive!

Shelly Schmidt said...

I love this card- have this set and do not use it much! Your story is awesome- as I have a few of those cross country friends : )

Lynn McAuley said...

Such a wonderful card of friendship. I love it, Jeanette! This looks like a SNSS set I need to get!

:: BlueInks :: said...

Great layout, J! The placement of the sentiment on the front is just perfect. I like how the sentiment on the interior is farther away from the heart - perfect meaning.