Monday, January 2, 2017

Time to Celebrate

Today is January 2nd, the second day of a new year... definitely time to celebrate!

Speaking of celebration. My daughter Brittney and her boyfriend David are here visiting us from Alaska for the holidays. They made us an Alaskan specialty for part of our Christmas celebration.... Eskimo Ice Cream. Now I have to admit, when she asked me if I'd eat it if they made some, I was a bit skeptical and wanted to say a resounding NO! But I thought about it a bit and realized that this is her boyfriend's first time (EVER!) to be out of Alaska and he's experiencing a lot of new things... some pleasant and some I'm sure he'd rather not experience.

So I put on my brave face and gave Eskimo Ice Cream a try (albeit, a very small serving)...

It's actually kind of pretty, don't you think? 
But... don't let looks fool you. LOL!

Brittney stirred (with clean hands) the first ingredient - Crisco...

After also stirring in a wee bit of oil, she added some sugar and then the next ingredient... WHITE FISH (EEK! They brought the fish with them from Alaska)...

She asked David to take a peek and see if it needed more fish. I love this picture of the two of them...

And yes, David said "Add a little more fish." EEK! I thought... ummm... no fish at all would be better. LOL! (Can you tell I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food?)

The next ingredient was blueberries...

And some stirring, stirring, and more stirring...

And then it was ready to serve. Now... lest you think too poorly of me... I did give it a try. And I was quite surprised. The ingredient I thought would give me cause for "Eeewwww" was the fish. But I couldn't even really taste (nor smell) the fish. It was the Crisco/Oil that got to me. Too slick and oily for my liking. But I am glad I tried it. Well, just this once. Please don't make me do that again.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Image/Sentiment: Our Daily Bread Time
Papers: Recollections cardstock and DP scraps from my scrap file
Embellishments: Cloud 9 Rain Dots


  1. Your card looks so timeless! I love the vintage feel. Now about that ice cream.....let's just say you have to 'grow up with it'. No way I could bring myself to eat straight on Crisco. I do understand that they must get creative in their location, but is there a local cardiologist?! LOL Love the pics though - thanks, for sharing!

  2. Tami 😂 LOL!! Your card is absolutely stunning but am yeah I would not have been as adventurous as you if I had seen it made! Oooof. So sweet of you to give it a try in honor of your guest !

  3. Loving your card- and your great ice cream story- Oh goodness, you are so, so brave and such a good Mama to give that ice cream a taste! It does look delicious until I hear the ingredients!
    Happy New Year Jeanette!

  4. what a wonderful card Jeanette - and so different to your usual style - well done!!
    As for the ice cream, although I generally don't mind trying new 'stuff', I would think twice about this if I knew the ingredients. Well done for trying it!!

  5. LOL....Love your story! Awesome pictures thogh but let me tell you there would be no way I would have gotten that spoon in my mouth! A wonderful memory both you and the BF will have for years to come! LOL By the way...cute card. Your story nearly made me forget it heeheehee