Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mid Week Peek at My Week

I didn't manage to do a Mid Week Peek at My Week post last week. Sheesh! I am not sure why. After all, Wednesday DOES come around every week... so it shouldn't have been a surprise to me.

This week has been a bit unique in our household (my life). As you probably know I am the one who travels... out of town meetings tend to take me away from home every week or two. And my husband tends to be the homebody, the one who stays home and tends to things, including his full-time ministry position. But this week - yes, for nearly an entire week - my husband was out-of-town. He actually went to a national Storytelling event in Tennessee. He has wanted to do that for quite a while but never had. This year he decided to go. He had a GREAT time! And Brock and I did okay here at home... so it was a win/win.

While my husband was away I had a To Do List - not long, only 10 items. But they were some things that I wanted to take care of. Things like mopping the floor. Okay, don't laugh.... but it seems like invariably when I mop the floor, my husband pops in the house for some reason. So I never really feel like the floor gets clean enough. Someone nameless has left his print on it. But this time, I mopped the floor and then promptly sent my husband a text message telling him not to come home until the floor was dry (he was clear off in another state so there was no fear of that).

Another thing on my list included cleaning out my closet - I got carried away and cleaned out a few closets... and took an entire trunk full of stuff to the thrift store.

And the list goes on. It felt so good to check things off the list.

Then, disaster. My husband was coming home yesterday evening, so I decided to vacuum the floor one more time before he got here (we only have 2 rooms with carpet, the rest of the house is hardwood floors). I hadn't hardly started the vacuum when it started smoking... and smelling hot. Very. very.  hot.

So I turned it off... and since I was afraid it might catch fire, I took it outside where it stayed until my husband got home. LOL!

Doesn't it look pathetic?

Now back to my week. I had that To Do List, and I did a lot of "to doing". But in the evenings I played, which for me means, I made cards. Lots and lots of cards. I made a total of 33 cards this week. WOW! That might be some kind of record for me.

Speaking of cards, I didn't make this card this week, but it was for the Unidentified Image Card Swap group and it was due this week, which means I can now show you my card. Heather was the hostess, which meant she chose the image and sent it out to the swappers. THANK YOU for a fun image to use, Heather!

Pink Cat Studio "Lilly & Tweet"

Best of Pebbles DP, 
Recollections Black & SU Apricot Appeal CS
Imagine Crafts Pico Embellisher
Michael's Ribbon
Washi Tape from an unknown vendor

SCORE TIME: Would I give this week a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down”?

I hope your week was a good one, too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


kiwimeskreations said...

Oh that poor vacuum cleaner - looks so sad, but I think I would have taken mine out side and left it too if it had done that to me!!
Love your card - the papers are such fun behind that gorgeous image.

Lynn McAuley said...

I am quite impressed with all you accomplished, Jeanette!! That poor vacuum had all it could take!!

Sweet, sweet card!!