Friday, January 22, 2016

Peek at My Week

If you missed my post of January 8th, you might not know what this post is about. You can check out that post by clicking HERE. In a nutshell, I've reinstated my "Peek at My Week" posting of years past, with a bit of a change. This year I plan to be less focused on what I put in these posts. Instead I'll reflect upon the week - the good, bad and/or ugly.

One of the good things of this week included a quick trip to Texas (on a jet plane) for a training event. We were able to be out and about without jackets! That's a real plus in my eyes. We enjoyed delicious food, including a lot of Tex-Mex. And the training was superb!

Another good thing about this week was I continued (baby steps) to work on getting my stamps inventoried in Evernote. It is a bit of a task - because of the vast amount of stamps I own. Sheesh! I should have discovered Evernote the moment I began purchasing stamps - but I suspect Evernote didn't exist way back then. LOL! I am making progress though. I have 4 of my bins of stamps (they are a pretty HOT PINK color!) inventoried - 216 stamps/sets. (I've worked sporadically on this since the last week of December.)

The BAD thing is, I've inventoried 5 bins of stamps, but I still need to get the categories of stamps put in alphabetical order and I need to make dividers... both tasks will make it easier to find the stamps when I want to use them.

I've made 11 cards this week. That's good! The UGLY is that I am still behind........ I have 3 cards I still need to make to fulfill current commitments... and I need to put together and mail 7 card kits. And................. I have way too many card kits that have been given to me that need to be used.

I am trying my best to MAXIMIZE this year and this week I did that through  organizing, creating, learning, and being an encouragement to others.

 SCORE TIME: Would I give this week a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down”?

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Sharon Madson said...

Hi! Give it a thumbs up! :) I know what you are going through with Evernote. I did that about two years ago. I had stamps all over by my dining room table. It is just a major, major project! The trouble is, now I have gotten behind on putting the new ones since! Are you putting the photos of them in too? What a great tool Evernote is! I like your Peek at My Week, Jeanette. Thanks for sharing.

kiwimeskreations said...

Sounds another very busy week Jeanette - well done on being organised.

:: BlueInks :: said...

You know I love me some organized! Great job on getting there. You can do it! ....216 sets....I have such a pittance.....envy!

Katydid Cards said...

Thumbs up, definitely!