Sunday, December 20, 2015

Missing Things

My husband has recently taken a new job. He is now the Director of Missions for the Greater Wabash Baptist Association, an association of 25 churches. Up until now he has served as a pastor our entire married life. We are excited about this, but as with any change, there are some things that will be missed.

This morning we encountered one of those “I miss it” moments. We were at one of the churches in our association where Brent would be preaching today. Sunday School had ended and our son Brock left to find a seat in the sanctuary. (Our Brock is an autistic young man who brings us great joy and who sometimes helps us to see things more clearly.) I wasn’t concerned about Brock going to the sanctuary before me since we’d been in this church 2 weeks ago. I felt certain he’d know where to sit. Imagine my surprise when I entered the sanctuary moments later and discovered Brock beginning to sit in the folding chair by the sound system at the back of the church. (Yes, Brittney, I’m sure I gasped.)

I quickly told Brock he couldn’t sit there and redirected him to the pew where he’d left his Bible/books prior to moving to the sound system.

As Brock began to sit in the pew, he looked at me and said, “I’m looking for the candlestick.” Immediately I understood why Brock had planned to sit by the sound system. After all, that’s where he’s sat the Sunday before Christmas for a number of years now. Every year since Brock was about 7-8 years old his pastor/dad has allowed him to light the advent candles the last service before Christmas, first helping his brother and sister and then doing it by himself. The candlelighter sits by the sound system until time to walk down the aisle proudly carrying “the candlestick” that is used to light the advent candles. Brock is missing that task this year.

As I pondered this on our drive home, I thought about the Light of Christmas. Jesus! It is so easy to get so busy with the activities of Christmas – the twinkling lights, shopping, presents, Christmas programs, etc. – that we don’t focus on the Light, on the One we are celebrating this season.

Brock doesn’t want to miss the light (the candlestick) this Christmas and I don’t want to miss the Light either. Thank you, Brock, for reminding me to focus on the Light of Christmas.

 * * * * *

There’s something I’ve missed this year, too. Every year I’ve made a little Christmas gift for every church family – usually it’s been a Christmas ornament (angel). I’ve missed doing that this year. Instead, I chose to make a Christmas card for each pastor/wife in our association. *gasp! I don’t normally make/send Christmas cards to anyone, so this was quite the undertaking.

These cards needed to be CAS without any extra bulk that would cause additional postage.

Here’s the card I made:

Here’s the inside:

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! 
Have a Light-filled Merry Christmas!!!

Image/Scripture/Sentiment: Stampin' UP! Every Blessing
Ink: Brilliance Dew Drop (Sunflower Yellow), Memento (Tuxedo Black), and Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers (2 shades of Green)
Cardstock: Recollections (Black, Green, and White)
Embellishment: Viva Pearl Pen (Cream)


kiwimeskreations said...

Beautiful CAS card Jeanette - and it certainly throws the light on the true source of light - Jesus.

Barb said...

Stunning Card--I am sure they will all love it! Great Brock Story too!!!!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Awwww, it is the beginning of a new era for you all- Brock will have a new role now- hoping he did OK with the change. Congrats again, loving you beautiful card!