Friday, December 5, 2014

A Peek at My Week

It’s Friday, so it’s time for…


Something I loved about this week…

I put up the nativity set that my husband brought me from Israel in January and I’ve been enjoying looking at it. It’s gorgeous!!! 

Something I learned this week…

A toilet/commode is a temperamental thing! (‘nuf said!)

Somewhere I went this week…

I didn’t leave town – but my husband did. He’s in Israel. Brock and I are managing okay here at home… and we haven’t even eaten out – yet! That’s about to change, though. We are going to Dairy Queen for lunch today!

Something I created this week…

Lots and lots of cards! I had worked so hard getting the Christmas decorations up and getting things ready for my husband to leave on his trip… so I declared Monday a “Me” day, which meant I wasn’t going to do anything I didn’t want to do. I made 8 cards that day.

Oh, and I’ve made some cards since then, too. ;)

Here is a sampling of one day’s creativity – all three items made with a kit that Paige sent to the Baker’s Dozen girls (Thanks Paige!)…

Something I’m going to do this weekend…

Our town has a Christmas Parade. The floats have Christmas lights on them and there are Christmas carols and characters, too. This is by far my favorite parade of the year. If the temperatures aren’t too cold, Brock and I are going to go downtown Saturday night for the parade. We’ll also drive through our local park and look at the light display there.

Something I want to accomplish next week…

I must finish making the Christmas gift that we will be giving to each church family on the 17th. EEK! It’s almost here!

Did I take the 30-Minute Challenge this week?
What is a 30-Minute Challenge? Basically, I choose something to do – perhaps it’s an organization task that is calling out to me, or a topic I want to research, or (*gasp!) an exercise I want to try, etc. – and I set the timer and invest 30 minutes in that challenge.

Oops! No, I didn’t.
*me bad*
(okay, this is becoming a bad habit. Sheesh!)

SCORE TIME: Would I give this week a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down”?

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I appreciate you so much!


kiwimeskreations said...

Sounds like a great week - apart from DH being away, but the nativity is fabulous!!
We have our Christmas Parade today - mid morning being summer here :-)!! Love your cards, they are great colours - a bit different for Christmas, but great :-).

MiamiKel said...

Oh that Nativity is something to behold! What a heartfelt gift to keep through the years, and maybe one day pass on to B ♥
Love the kit, wish I had that me time to work on mine and 500 other things! :)
YAY for thumbs up!

Marcy said...

Beautiful nativity set! I also love your cards and tag...I have barely made a dent for my Christmas cards and need to get moving on that! LOL

Unknown said...

This Nativity is gorgeous! Wowza! You are on a cardmaking roll my friend! WHat a neat idea to put together a cardmaking kit! Imagine if we worked on those in Jan., and worked on one a month.....! Have fun at the parade and enjoy eating out : )