Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Peek at My Week

What a week I’ve had! I was way too busy this week; couldn’t keep up with all that was going on, not to mention we had a scare last Sunday when the tornado came through causing quite a bit of damage in our neighborhood.  I’m kind of glad this week is over. LOL! That being said, looking back on the week, I can truthfully say, I have much to be thankful for as we head into the week of Thanksgiving!


  1. I organized… Design Team lists. These are kept close at hand by my computer and help me to keep on top of what projects are due and what images I need to use, etc. They needed to be more current, so I worked on that this week.

  1. I cooked… boring meals. I mostly fixed things that my guys like – which are pretty bland. I’m tired of bland!

  1. I bought… a dozen square canvases (14 actually, but only needed 12) and 8 bottles of acrylic paint (in 4 colors) so that my daughter can make me a world wall display when she comes home for Christmas. I’m sooooooo excited! We’ve been working on this plan for nearly 2 years but couldn’t find the canvases at an affordable price. This week I found them at Michael’s – package of 7 on sale for $14.99. Yippee!!!

  1. I’m enjoying… this week’s Bible study lesson. It’s from Psalm 100 and focuses on being thankful.

  1. I made… some cute little snowmen out of those battery-operated tea lights. Such cuties and so much fun to make. Actually, Phyllis, a Stampin’ UP! demo, taught me how to make them, so I bought the supplies and made some more of them.

  1. I procrastinated… cleaning house. Yikes! I need to get that done so I can start decorating for Christmas. I’m usually well on the way by now.

  1. I learned… some details about my husband’s trip to Israel. He’s going on a Pastor Familiarization Trip to the Holy Land in January. He had a meeting on Monday night and found out some of the things they need to know regarding the trip. I’m so excited for him and will look forward to helping him prepare to go.

  1. This weekend I’m… freezing! It is much MUCH colder than last weekend was. Of course, we also had a tornado last Sunday, so I guess this cold weather isn’t so bad, after all. :/

  1. I’m working on… Christmas shopping. I’ve bought a few small things – stocking stuffers, etc. – for my husband and kiddos. I have a list of ideas for Brock, which is RARE. He has so few wants that it’s usually difficult to decide what to get him, but this year I have a few things in mind already.

  1. I’m blessed… that we didn’t have more serious damage from last Sunday’s tornado. I cringe to think what could have happened if it had been just a little closer to the ground. We’d no longer have a home; might not have even survived. Yes, I do have much to be thankful for!

My 30-Minute Challenge… my email inbox was in desperate need of some attention, so I challenged myself to spend 30 minutes cleaning out the emails, trashing the ones I didn’t need and putting others into the appropriate folders. It looks so much better.

My goals for the coming week…

  1. Start decorating for Christmas.

  1. Go “Black Friday” shopping. I’m so excited! I love the crowds!!! (I know – I’m weird!) It always seems to get me in the Christmas spirit, so even if I don’t need/want anything that’s on sale, I just have to go for a little bit. Truthfully, I order almost all of the gifts that I buy for two of my children, so I don’t do a lot of Christmas shopping in stores. But this year I am buying MYSELF something on Black Friday.  I’ve been saving my money for months for this splurge and it IS on the Black Friday ad, so I’m planning to get it – if I can get there before they sell out. Wish me luck!!!

  1. Get my blog lists updated on my blog. We’ve had a few members join a couple of the blog groups that I’m in and I need to get their names/blogs added to my blog list.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Please come back tomorrow… I’ll have a MelonHeadz Friends Challenge to tell you about.


Judy McMullen said...

Hi Jeanette! This must be a thankfully peaceful Sunday compared to a week ago. PTL that you and your family came through it uninjured!! Enjoyed reading your "Done" and "To Do" lists. I'm wondering what size those square canvases are and what you'll be making with them?!! Love those cute snowman tea lights and would love to know how you made them. I'm curious about what you're aiming to buy yourself on Black Friday?!? Wish you could be making that trip to the Holy Land with your DH. Would love to do that myself someday. OK, on to your DDD Nov. posting that was my original intent on coming to your blog....

Marcy said...

Thanks for sharing your week! I've been procrastinating cleaning too and not looking forward to it! Cute little snowmen! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Shelly Schmidt said...

You are such a busy lady!!! Glad you did not sustain more damage in the tornado- and that you had such a productive week! I will be mailing out your SA card tomorrow!

kiwimeskreations said...

What a great week Jeanette - wonderful to know you have ideas for Brock's gift, and great to know you are going shopping for yourself - I hope you get what you have saved for!

Zella said...

OOO, can't wait to see the wall display! Sounds so cool!!! Now what I really want to know is what are you buying on Black Friday? :)