Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Peek at My Week

As you know, my blog is all about paper crafting. ;) I do love making cards. That isn’t all I do, though. I am also a wife, mother, active church member, missions volunteer, and one of the things I absolutely love doing is leading conferences!

I am actually currently working on preparations for some conferences I’ll be leading this fall. In my research, I discovered a young Christian woman’s blog and was especially interested in a weekly feature she has. You can see it here. In her post, entitled simply “The Weekly,” Caroline shares things going on in her life during that week.

If you will indulge me, I am going to experiment with this idea here on my blog.

Since Sunday’s are typically my “down” day – I usually don’t have a card to show you on Sunday, nor do I usually have a blog post that day – I’m going to try to do my “A Peek at My Week” post on Sundays. I plan to try this for a few weeks and then evaluate if I want to continue doing it or not.

So, here goes………………

“A Peek at My Week” features some of the things that have been happening in my life during the past seven days. Some of these things are crafty, some are not. They ARE a reflection of who I am at this point in time and most likely some of them will affect who I am in the future, too. At the end of my “A Peek at My Week” post, I will also take my “30-Minute Challenge” and I will share a few goals that I have for the coming week.

What is a 30-Minute Challenge? It will vary from week to week, but basically, I am going to choose something to do – perhaps it’s an organization task that is calling out to me, or a topic I want to research, or (*gasp!) an exercise I want to try, etc. – and I will set the timer and invest 30 minutes in that challenge.

I hope you enjoy my post!


I organized… I’ve been working at trying to get my Cubbyhole in better shape, so I filed my unmounted stamps into containers and labeled them. Inside those containers, I still have a lot of work to do, but don’t they look good on the shelf?

I cooked… I tried a new recipe this week that’s actually pretty good. It was made in the Crockpot (aren’t most of my meals???). It was a pork loin, a can of pork gravy, a can full of water, a packet of Italian Dressing (dry) and a packet of Ranch Dressing (dry).

I bought… okay, I need to confess. I bought something on Ebay that I’ve wanted to try. Frantage Embossing Powder. I’m so excited! I can’t wait for it to get here so I can try it out!

I’m enjoying… the cooler fall-like temperatures we’ve been having this week.

I made… a card for this coming week’s CAS challenge – because I am the Guest Designer this week! WOO HOO! How exciting!

I procrastinated… finishing my preparations to teach this Sunday’s Bible study at church. I teach the oldest Ladies Sunday School class in our church and spend hours in preparation each week. I try to have it finished by Friday night, but this week, I wasn’t finished with my preparations until late Saturday afternoon.

I learned… that I’m going to get to go on a 4-day trip this fall with the missions leadership of our state organization. I’m so excited! One of the things we’re going to do is go to prison! (I’m going to prison and excited about it!?!?!? I guess not many people can say that, can they?)

This weekend I’m… lazy! (enough said)

I’m working on… I know this is redundant, but I’ve been working on conference plans.

I’m blessed… because one of my online friends who I also have had the privilege of meeting sent me a surprise package full of fun! THANK YOU, Pansy!!!

My 30-Minute Challenge… I’ve wanted to get my Pinterest boards better organized, so Friday night I worked on that. I wish I could say I completed the task – nope! I also wish I could say it looks better – nope! I worked to rename my boards and then put them in alphabetical order. The Pinterest site said they would automatically save the changes I made. Well, the names stayed the way I changed them, but the placement didn’t. UGH!

My goals for the coming week… My husband is going to be gone this week (he’s heading to the Life Lessons from Mayberry Conference at Ridgecrest) so that means I’ll do less cooking, conversing, etc. I will miss him while he’s gone, but it will also give me an opportunity to focus on my organizing of my Cubbyhole – you know the sort of thing… making bigger messes as you try to get things in shape. With that in mind, here are three goals for this week:

  1. Spend a minimum of an hour a day (or a minimum of 7 hours total for the week) organizing in my Cubbyhole.
  1. Complete the cards for two swaps.
  1. I know it’s silly, but one of the things on my Bucket List is to watch every one of Elvis’ 31 scripted movies. So last year for Christmas, one of the things on my Wish List was a DVD with three of his movies on it. I requested it and my sweet husband got it for me and I still haven’t watched it. EEK! I never turn on the TV, but this week, I’m going to see if I can find the “On” button. ;) One of my goals for this week is to watch at least one of those three movies – I’m going to start with King Creole.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! 
I’d love to hear what's been happening in your life this week, too, so feel free to leave me a comment and tell me about your week.


Lorie said...

Just stopping by to say "HI!" and send you a cyber hug! Enjoy your week, and I love this segment, BTW!! (((((SQUEEZE!)))))

Su G said...

I love this feature! I'm nosey ! What can I say LOL! No actually I get inspired when I hear what others are doing. Maybe I am competitive :) this week I: took my husband out to lunch, we used to do this all the time when the kids were young, drive down to his work and take him out. First time in a long time. Learned how to use a knifty knitter so I can make chain maille sleeves for my sons play, I have to make 5 sets of sleeves, hope I get fast at this :). I baked some pumpkiny stuff as it is feeling like fall. I tasted a new wine called Mommy's Time Out. I bought it for the name, I don't drink much mostly because one or two sips give me a terrible headache, but I really wanted to try it. I have a headache today :(. I cleaned off my desk, but that made my work table worse, so this week. I started a new game of hanging with friends with a friend whose games dropped off. Have a good week my dear.

Melissa Craig said...

Hi Jeanette. So I have to say that I was curious about this given the picture you posted on Facebook. I like this. I have often thought of doing something like this myself.

Sounds like you had a great week and have another one ahead of you. Enjoy the Elvis movies. I think I saw King Creole, but I can't remember. I love old movies. Not a big Elvis fan though. Have fun!!

Ms. Earlgrey said...

I reallylike this. I'm going yo try it

Ms. Earlgrey said...

This is really cool

kiwimeskreations said...

Thanks for the glimpse into your life Jeanette - I enjoyed it, and I could learn from it.... ;-)

:: BlueInks :: said...

I think this is a great idea! I think it gives you an opportunity to reflect, appreciate and plan to get a whole lot done. I will be curious to see if that is what you find during your trial.

Um, your stamp organization looks great!

I watched an interview with Lisa Marie Presley last week on The Talk. Now whenever I see Elvis, I think of you! Who knew?! ;)

Keep up the good work!

crafty-stamper said...

This is a brilliant idea,congrats on your GDT spot,I bought some frantage tried it once and it looked like I had just had an accident with it si it went in the drawer yet I have seen some beautiful cards using it especially Teresas on FB and I am a massixe fan od Elvis especially "LOve Me Tender" my all time fave song,my 6yrs old Grandaughter has just discovered him on you-tube and love "You were always on my mind" plays it over and over she first of all asked if he was dead??? then said his music makes her feel calm high praise from a young fan who never even saw him-
carol x

Melina said...

I love your Peek at my Week Post! Keep them coming! You inspire me Sweet Lady! :)

Zella said...

Want to come to Ohio and organize me next?