Saturday, June 15, 2013

Get Your Duel On

... and today that means FLIP FLOPS! ;)

If you hang around my blog any, you know that on the 15th of each month, we have a little friendly duel. Ther Dueling Darlings style!

This month Melina and Carol are the hostesses (Carol for the Divas and Melina for the Dazzlers). As hostesses they got their thoughts together and came up with a theme. Then they each sent card kits to there respective team members and today we get to show our stuff.

THANK YOU MELINA AND CAROL for being terrific hostesses!!!



Oh my goodness........... Melina sent us a wonderful kit!!! It was just full of fun embellishments, papers and images.

I've already apologized to her for slapping together my card way too quickly to do much in the way of style or creativity. The kit arrived just two days before my international trip........ so I had to rush. I'm also rushing as I put this post together, so unfortunately I'm not going to link it to the other Dueling Darling blogs... but you can find them easy enough - they are all listed in my left side bar.

Okay, enough chatter................

here's my card:

Here's the inside of my card:

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


  1. This is so cute Jeanette! I love how you used the flip flops and added the rhinestones to the sun! :)

  2. This is so dang cute Jeanette. You sure have a way with crafting. I love how you "slapped" this card is great...hope you are having a good time and you have a safe trip back home...♥

  3. Jeanette, this is so creative!! Love the way you "buried" half of that pair of flip flops! Super cute card.

  4. What a great card - love the bold colours and texture. The simplicity is what makes it so stunning.

  5. i love it! love, love, love it!

    i just love when you can make such fun paper scenes. i need to do more of it!

  6. Perfect card for the theme. Love the flip flops sticking out of the sands and the way you used the bling on the sun.

  7. This is very cute and so clever how you did the sand. I also like those little gems in the sun.

  8. Sweet Card Jeanette! Love the layers of sand and how the flip flips are poking out of the sane hills!

  9. Fun, fun, FUN!!! Love those flip flops poking up through the sand dunes! Brilliant idea!

    The big sun makes me think of sun screen, out there on the scorching beach! Love this card my friend!

  10. I'm sure you're experiencing lots of sunshine right about now, Jeanette!! You did such an awesome job with this month's theme!! What a fantastic idea to create sand for the flipflops!!
    Big hugs and prayers!

  11. Hi Jeanette! It may be a quick card but love so much fun! Love your "sand" layers with the flip flops tucked in and on...very clever. And that bright yellow sun with shines even more brightly next to the dark blue background and with the extra sparkly embellishments! Love it!!

  12. Super fun card! I do believeI own both of those flip flops IRL, LOL!Great design with the torn paper as the sand and the wee flops sticking out - so cute!

    Blessings for a beautiful start to summer! x0x0

  13. Cute card Jeanette! Love the flip flops in the sand!!!

  14. Summer is all about flip flops! Cute card!!!

  15. What an adorable idea for the sand and flip flops! You really did well on this challenge. Great job!!!