Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking Back As We Move Forward

I've noticed several bloggers posted a year in review post yesterday, as a way of ending the year. The idea is to choose your personal favorite from each month's creations shown on your blog and put those all in a post. It was such fun seeing these on my friends blogs, so I decided to do it myself today, as a way of looking back on 2012 as we move into 2013. I'll also share with you some of my observations from 2012 and some of my crafting goals for 2013.

Let's go (these are my favorites from each month of 2012)...

January 28th

February 28th

March 31st

April 15th

May 31st

June 5th

July 23rd

August 21st

September 5th

October 23rd

November 28th

December 5th


My two most popular days of the month are the 5th and the 28th - I had three favorites from each of theoose months.

Many of my favorites included the use of at least one punch.

Although I love to color, at least half of my favorites did not include the use of coloring/Copics.

My favorite month was September - I had a very difficult time choosing just one favorite that month

I had a total of 175 blog posts in 2012. February was my slowest month with  only 5 posts and October was my busiest month with 24 posts


I noticed that the Treasure Hunt blog posts were sadly missing from my blog in 2012. Those are the posts where I find something at yard sales, thrift stores, etc. and incorporate it into my creation. I miss them!!! So, in 2013, I have a goal to do a Treasure Hunt Post at least once every month, and hopefully more often than that.

I love CASE'ing others... and I'm totally addicted to Pinterest! So, at least once a month I'm going to choose a card/project from Pinterest to CASE and I'm going to post it on my blog.

I'm also going to challenge myself to try more new things in 2013 - new techniques, etc. And I really want to drag out my sewing machine and try actually SEWING on a card. Hmmmm... wonder how long it will take me to get brave enough to do that.

And one last goal - I am going to try to get my Cubbyhole more organized! Wish me luck on that one, okay?

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I ♥ you!!!


Darlene said...

A worthy review of your remarkable creations, Jeanette! And a worthy set of goals for 2013! Your blog and your cards always provide loads of inspiration for me and I am certain that 2013 will follow suit. Thank you for sharing your skills, your talent, your humor and your heart with all of us! Blessings to you and your family in the New Year!

Athina said...

What a great review Jeanette! You always have something clever and creative to share. These are all just beautiful! Happy New Year to you!

Marilyn said...

Fabulous picks Jeanette and such a good idea to do one for each month.
All the best for 2013!

Zella said...

You inspire me!

Barb said...

I love looking back at the cards you choose for your top 12! And, your goals for 2013 are perfect--Good Luck with Them!

kiwimeskreations said...

Love your choices Jeanette - there are some there that were posted before I 'found' your blog.
All the best with your goals for this year.

:: BlueInks :: said...

Oh my goodness......one of my goals this year is to drag out my sewing machine too!!!.......LOL Wouldn't that be funny - I can't even use my Sew Easy nor own a sewing machine! I love your creations and look forward to seeing your 2013 offerings.

Melina said...

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing your cards in review and your goals :)

Shelly Schmidt said...

Wonderful year of creativity! I love seeing what others choose for their favorite posts of the year : ) I look forward to seeing what you create in 2013. I am inspired to do some decorating on the inside of the card : )

Heather B said...

I love February, but August is pretty cool too!!