Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thank You, Tanja!

I do not have a creation for you today, since I've been so busy lately... something about Christmas getting in the way of my crafting time. LOL!

Instead I'd like to share with you some pictures of a very special gift I received. The Sisterhood group on SCS did a Secret Santa exchange again this year and we had our opening on Monday. My package actually arrived about a week before, all the way from GERMANY!!! I knew what that meant... it meant Tanja was my Secret Santa. But I didn't peek early; in fact, I was late to the opening of the gifts party so kept my sistahs waiting to see what I'd received.

WOW! Look at all the goodies Tanja sent me......... even some CHOCOLATE!!! (European chocolate is the BEST chocolate, too.)

Such fun!

More fun!


Thank you, Tanja!

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:: BlueInks :: said...

Lucky Girl! How fun - you deserve it!