Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome to My Hideout

Last fall, my dear daughter took all of her belongings and moved to her first apartment - way off in the land of Oz. For a few weeks, I would walk past her empty room, and would pause and think of her. The tears would sometimes flow. THEN I decided it was time to enjoy the extra space! So I moved my craft room to the room that had once been hers, doubling my creative space. My friends on SCS even helped me name my new room - the Hideout.

These same friends keep asking to see pictures of My Hideout, so I have decided to dedicate today's blogpost to those pictures.

Welcome to My Hideout!

This is the view from the doorway as one enters my "happy place". (My husband knows that only happy things are allowed to take place in this room - it is not a place for grumbling and such. LOL!)

This is my Stamping Desk... you can even see my project in progress.

(I didn't clean up anything before taking the pictures, so the way you see the room is the way it is most of the time.)

Directly behind my desk is this wonderful shelf unit that also serves as a counter for additional workspace, when needed.

To the left of my desk (and within reach) is this marvelous drawer unit that I got at an auction for $3. It holds an incredible amount of stuff in its 54 drawers. Here's just one drawer:

I have my designer papers separated into categories and stored in these stackable Sterlite drawer units. When I'm searching for a paper, I pull the appropriate drawer from the unit and take it to my desk, where I can easily find what I need.

I store my larger Stampin' UP! punches on these Grundrails from Ikea. (I need another one, though.) My smaller punches are stored in some of the drawers by my desk.

My Stampin' UP! cardstock is stored in this lateral file (another yard sale bargain!!!) and my Cricut gathers dust on top of it. I really do need to get more comfortable with that machine!

Above is a view of the long wall of shelving units.

Two of the units house my Stampin' UP! stamps as well as some from other companies, all organized in plastic cases and/or file boxes.

My ribbons, buttons, and many other embellishments are also found on the wall of shelves.

Above is a view of the room from the doorway of the walk-in closet.

The following three pictures show three views of the walk-in closet where I store many things, inlcuding my Close to My Heart stamps, my Angel Company stamps, my Stampin' UP! wheels, completed cards, and various supplies.

Because the main room is so large, I also have room for a second desk - my Scrapping Desk. You notice there is NO project laying out on it like on my Stamping Desk. Hmmm... I guess stamping has taken over my creative life. BUT you might be interested to know that I started out as a scrapbooker and still do work on projects on this desk when I get a chance.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of My Hideout!

I leave you with a little bit of inspiration from my Inspiration Board (where I display special creations I receive from others).


Carol<>< said...

wow, like a candy store for scrappers! I would love to get lost in there!

Genetta said...

OMG!! Now I know I need to come to your house to play!

Kelli Hull said...

WOWZERS!!!! You got some SERIOUS "stuff" lady!!!

I LOVE it and SO glad you have a Happy Place, I'm JEALOUS!!!!!

Jackie said...

Wow! I so want this type of space, this is so nice! Loving this area you have!

Michelle (fairygirlmichelle) said...

I like it. I too started out scrapbook and now do stamping more.

~Paola~ said...

what a WONDERFUL happy Hideout U have Jeanette!!
I wish I could come over and play there too...God knows U have enough STUFF!! eheehhe
I LOVEEEE your c/s file unit and your 54 white drawers unit...what incredible findings g/friend!! (wait 'till Carol sees them too! *wink* LOL) *tfs* your wonderful palce!LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok no didn't say it was so clean and is amazing and I would LOVE to come stamp with you sometime....awesome happy room...just the way it should be...

Darlene said...

Ohhhh Jeanette!!! Your room is just fantastic! What a wonderful way to abate the hurtful reminder of your daughter's move! I hope that now you can look at that room with a big smile! It's wonderful and I wish you many hours of stamping bliss!

Maria Matter said...

oh what a fabulous crafty space Jeanette!
blessings, Maria

~*Joni said...

Oh Jeanette what an awesome space! I love seeing other people's hideouts ;) and as a fan of yard sales and thrift stores, I think this is an awesome collection of your personality. I love it all - what a great way to use up an extra room, I am sure your daughter giggles when she comes home to see you. heehee!

Anonymous said...

Oh my lordy lordy lordy... I wanna come play in your room! I think I saw about five images I would love to have in the one drawer alone! I'd stamp and stamp and stamp for days. Can we have a sleep over please - you're definitely close enough.

Melina said...

Whoa! My hubby thinks I have a lot of crafty stuff! I don't have an 1/8 of the goodies you have!!!! Thanks for sharing your space with us :)

Scrappy said...

Wow Jeanette! AWESOME Room! I think I'd hide in there too! :) That's a CUTE watermelon card ya got there too! :p

Lorie said...

WOW!! That's all I've got!! One big WOW!!!!

Sheri Gilson said...

Great space, Jeanette!! TFS

kadie said...

Oh my gosh!! Jeanette!! What an absolute HAVEN!! This craft room "hideout" is incredible!! Oh how I wish to have a room like this when mine is finished! (it's funny I posted some pics of mine today and used the name hideout too! no wonder we're sistahs :)
I really love your punch holders, that AMAZING drawer unit and all your cute baskets!! This is really beautiful and what a fun space to hideout in! I'll be right over! :) HUGS

Judy McMullen said...

Wow! What a wonderful craft room, Jeanette! Can I come to your house and play? You must have everything a paper crafter dreams of owning! LOL I could spend all day checking out everything in this room!

*Susan* said...

OH MY STARS!! You may want to change the name to Forest's Craft Heaven! WOWZAH! This room is amazing!! That drawer unit is fabulous and oh you lucky duck - I have been SO wanting a lateral file! Hmm, looks like I should start stalking garage & yard sales! And I was just thinking the other day that I'd love to have another work desk since KellyBella got me hooked on scrapping. LOL! So happy you have this Happy Place for yourself! {{HUG}}