Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What's In a Name?

I love a good challenge... and my friend Neeru gave me one when she opened the "What's in a Name?" card swap on Splitcoast Stampers. Swappers were to choose a word that begins with the same letter as the first letter of their name and describes them or something about their life when creating cards for this unique swap. Now that might not be too challenging for someone with an easy letter. BUT my name begins with "J". Yikes! Why oh why did my parents have to name me Jeanette?!?!?

I thought... and thought... and thought some more. AND finally came up with not one, but two ideas. So, as any good stamper would do, I took two spots in Neeru's swap and created BOTH cards.

The first card features a cute little jester/joker who is juggling three colorbul balls. Perfect! I love to joke around; I'm actually known to pull a prank or two when others are least expecting it. So the joker is a great image of me. I have many tasks/responisibilities that are always vying for my attention, causing me to juggle quite a bit.

I love the bright, cheery Juggling Jester card.

For my second card I chose subdued colors and a tranquil scene. Its theme is that of a Journey. My life truly is a journey, and much like the saying on this card, I strive to go where others have not been, to do the unusual, to seek adventures, and to leave a trail.

I love the peaceful, calming Journey card.

Both cards, though quite different, reflect a part of who I am. Thank you, Neeru... for encouraging me to discover the hidden treasures of What's in My Name.


Cheryl~aka~DJ said...

Very cute them both, they are so you..mwah

Mary Giles said...

Very cute cards Jeanette and both show different sides of you. Great job!

MiamiKel said...

Oh Jeanette - these are terrific. I especially love the journey one for you becuase I think I could pick that out of a group and say it's yours! It's STUNNING, my friend! You MUST enter this on the Unity site somewhere (gallery?) because it's just fantastic! Love the colorful, fun juggling joker card - it's so fun! Well done, girl .....well done!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card. Love the sentiment!

BlueInks / Tami

Lorie said...

Very creative takes on this challenge, Jeanette! Great job, and wonderful cards!!