Sunday, February 1, 2009

WOW Moments of January

I was planning to post my personal Top Ten list for January to my blog yesterday. But then I discovered the tagging situation and had to deal with that instead. Having taken care of that now, I’m ready to post my Top Ten.

My Top Ten List of Wow Moments for January 2009

10. I sorted through closets, shelves, boxes, and yes, entire rooms of my house AND took over 25 boxes of stuff to the local thrift store.

9. I redecorated our family room with a travel theme.

8. I took down the Christmas decorations – a mere 24 trees this year (compared to last years 43 trees).

7. I survived the cold cold days of January – one day it actually got as low as 38 degrees BELOW zero. That’s cold!!!

6. I signed up for lots and lots of swaps. (I currently am involved in 25 swaps. Yikes!)

5. I finally updated my SCS gallery.

4. I signed up to be a Chemo Angel and got my buddy four days later.

3. I made 121 cards!!!

2. I got my first Avatar on SCS – thanks to enablers Cheryl and Kelly!!!

And, the number one WOW of January…. (drum roll please)

1. I created a blog!!!

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Lorie said...

That's a pretty impressive list of wows! Number 6 has me particularly in awe...25 swaps! Now that's a real WOW! I'm certainly enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing!!